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Pesaha Appam (INRI appam)

Annie Thomas, Hyderabad


Rice powder (not roasted)-1 cup
urad dal (uzhunnu)-25 gm
1/2 coconut grinded (medium)
pinch of cumin


Soak the uzhunnu for a few hours. Grind well.
Grind well the coconut + a pinch of jeera (cumin).
Add everything together and make a dough of idli maavu consistency.
"Keep only for 1/2 hour to ferment." (To remind of Pesaha)

Grease preferably steel plates of medium round shape. Pour batter in one, and
make a cross of palm leaf obtained on Palm Sunday on it. Steam till well done.

Make all other appams same way but with no cross.
Makes about 2 or 3 medium appams.

Paalu kurukku


roasted rice powder-1 cup
sarkkara(molasses)-1 cup
cardamom powder


Please use freshly grinded coconut for making this, otherwise the taste won't be good. Take the juice of coconut. You can put the grinded coconut in blender (mixi) and add some hot water to grind for 30 seconds. Now the juice comes out easily.1st milk should be kept separately. Take 2nd and third milk also. These two should equal 1 litre of milk.

Take molasses and put the in a saucepan. Add some water and heat well. While boiling, a lather forms. This should be cleaned away.

Then add cumin and chukku (dried ginger). Now sieve this through a strainer and you can see lot of stones and dirt in it. This liquid form of molasses should be used in your recipes. I have seen lots of people use molasses directly in recipes, without first melting them.

Remember, all these dirt and stones are dangerous, especially for kids. This commonly happens when we prepare aval vilayichathu, where we use it directly. But be sure to melt it first. The consistency can be achieved by adjusting the amount of water added to it.

Take the 2nd and third milk, molasses syrup and roasted rice powder, bring to a boil. Stir continuously, otherwise lumps will form. Mix cardamom powder with 1st milk and add it last. Also add a piece of palm leaf. Before it boils, take off the stove.

As the tradition goes, the head of the family cuts the appam and gives it to other members, oldest to youngest respectively, after dipping in paalukurukku. This is done in great reverence and pious atmosphere.

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