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Pesaha Appam (Southern Kerala)

Elcy Yohannan Sakarathil, New York

This is the way the Pesaha Appam is made in the southern side of Kottayam


1. Rice Flour - 2 Cups

2. Cream of Rice - cup
(Option: Soak 2 cups, ie. 1 pound long grain rice in water for 3 hrs, grind coarse)

1 cup grated coconut. Use the coconut water to grind the rice.)

3. Coconut, grated - 1 cup (Blended)

4. Dark Brown sugar - cup (More for more sweetness)

5. Yeast + Sugar - Tsp + 1 tsp sugar in cup warm water

(Instead of yeast, save the coconut milk with 1 tsp raw rice grains, 1 tsp sugar , keep it in a warm place for a day, use that mixture to grind the rice. Also, if vellom (chakkara) is used, no yeast is needed. Or, one cup (pressed, not loose) of the crust-free soft bread could be used in place of yeast.)

6. 1 Table spoon farina boiled in cup water (Paavu kachi).

7. Salt - tsp or enough to taste

8. Cumin powder - 1 tsp

9. Red or small onion - 1 Tbsp (blended)


Grind the mixture 1-4, to an Idli consistency, add the warm farina porridge (paav kachi), keep in a warm place for 6 hrs.

Place tsp yeast and 1 Tsp sugar in cup warm water, the solution will froth in 5 minutes, (or the substitutes) add it to the mixture, keep warm for 4 more hours.

Before cooking, add the salt and cumin powder, onion paste, pour into a greased pan, cook in a steam bath for 20 minutes, or till it is firm, test with a toothpick.

Raisins and cashews could be sprinkled on top of the Appam before cooking, for more taste and decoration. Usually the first Pesaha Appam is made plain (without the nuts and fruits)

Use the multiples of the measure for more pans of Appam. Usually 2 cups (200ml.cup) or one pound is enough to make one kinnam appam. Instead of dark brown sugar, if white color is preferred, use cup sugar or more for more sweetness.

Yield: One Deep Dish - 10-12 pcs.

Have a blessed Passover and a Happy Easter to all.

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