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Secret for Happy Marriage: Happily Incompatible

by Steve Arterburn

When asked to reveal his secret for staying married for well over half a century, Billy Graham gave a simple, yet somewhat paradoxical answer: "Ruth and I are happily incompatible."

That's a great answer to questions everyone inevitably asks themselves at some point during marriage: "How can I stay married to this person?" And, "Did I marry the wrong person?"

But that "Did I marry the wrong person" question is a dangerous one. Why? Because it’s framed completely wrong. And wrongly framed questions twist the issue and therefore elicit wrong answers. Furthermore, the question is based upon a serious misunderstanding of marriage itself. And misunderstandings create a fertile field for myths—myths that have the potential to damage your marriage.

When you married (or when you do marry) you made a commitment to do certain things, like love, honor & cherish. There weren’t any 'out' clauses in case the person wasn’t the right person for you.

Learn to be happily incompatible.

Source: Daily New Life Devotional, Dec 17, 2011

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