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Pentecost - The Birthday of Church

Introduction to Holy Spirit

In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth through his Word. And the Holy Spirit rested upon the waters [Genesis 1:1-2]. The Father with His Omnipotent Power, The Son with mighty Word and Wisdom and the Holy Spirit with His Love was present in the origin of Creation.

God is only One, but He has revealed Himself very distinctly as three persons, so that we mere creatures can come to a better understanding of Him, however we are unworthy to know God completely and He remains the greatest mystery of our faith.

No one will ever receive the Wisdom to describe the Holy Trinity perfectly, so we must believe in the Word of God and in the teachings of the Church founded on Peter by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

God the Father, the uncreated Spirit and Father of all Spirits dwells in His abode of Glory in the highest heavens, surrounded by Majesty and Power.

God the Son, the Word of God became a man, He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and was born of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He came to the world to be our Saviour and Lord.

God the Holy Spirit abides in God's creation sustaining it by the Power of Love. We are temples of the Holy Spirit, in baptism we receive the Holy Spirit with His sanctifying Grace and are born from above. We become members of the body of Christ.

But we are called to live a life by the Spirit and not by the flesh, so our path to holiness is traced by the Holy Spirit and we can only grow spiritually depending on how much we surrender to His guidance and inspiration.

Unless we allow God to build our spiritual temple, we are wasting our time [Psalm 127:1], because all good that we do comes from God and is His work, our pride is our great problem because we neglect the help of the spirit, we work for ourselves instead of working for God, we expect credit for what we are doing and indeed we get paid only here then. We must try to become instruments of the Holy Spirit, not His obstacles.

When we become familiar with the Holy Spirit, we allow God to take possession of us, we let the King take command of our lives and we become one with Him.

To be able to experience the healing power of the Holy Spirit, we must repent, we must yield to the power of God, accepting His Will and following His commandments.

This work aims to make us more familiar with the Holy Spirit by study of the Holy Scriptures and by the personal experience of those who are consecrated to Him.

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Who is the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit is a fire of Divine Love that comes to touch us and refine us in an ardent desire to possess God. It gives us a passion for God, it destroys all the earthly affections because it opens our spiritual eyes to see how precious God is.

Promises of the Holy Spirit in Old Testament
God saw our need to have His Holy Spirit, otherwise we would be doomed. For this reason He made a promise in the Old Testament which was fulfilled with the coming of Christ, He spoke through different prophets.

The Holy Spirit in the New Testament
We are temples of the Holy Spirit and to be filled with the Spirit of God we must cleanse our temples with the waters of repentance through baptism. However we are supposed to stop sinning in order to receive the fire of the Holy Spirit. So this promise of God is conditional to our repentance.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit
The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.

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