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Christmas Sermon - The Birthday of Jesus

Christmas Homily

by Fr. Andrew

Which Christmas scene do our hearts desire? Do our hearts desire the soft, the quiet, the hidden scene of Bethlehem? Do our hearts desire the loud, the brash, the bold proclamation of the field? Where would God have us meet Him?

We often want God to make the bold proclamation. We want God to rent a sky-writer or, better yet, a blimp with a scrolling message on the side: "God exists!" What would we do if, one night we looked up and saw a new constellation that says: "I am here!" Wouldnít the world be a buzz: the American News, CNN, Foxnews, Drudge, everyone would be talking about this profound and powerful message. Yet many of us would believe, not because we wanted to but because we would have no choice. The shining constellation of Godís existence would bring us to believe as our hearts are beaten into submission. This is not Godís way.

The wisdom of God is shown that Jesus comes in the soft, the quiet, and the hidden scene of Bethlehem. God does not come to overpower us but to woo us. The infant Jesus is not bold but the angels are to point Him out. The infant Jesus is small so that we might be truly free to love Him.

Much like a fairy tale where the prince dresses as the pauper to see who receives him with love, the Prince of Peace comes as a defenseless babe to allow us to love Him. Does Jesus deserve fanfare, majesty, and solemnity? Yes and it is good for us to honor Him so! But He comes to us in the quiet of night, in the quiet of a voiceless child to allow us to love Him.

The Prophet Isaiah says: "For every boot that tramped in battle, every cloak rolled in blood, will be burned as fuel for flames. For a child is born to us, a son is given us; upon his shoulder dominion rests." The boots, the battle, the cloak and the blood are our own struggles with sin. Our battle against sin in ourselves, in others, and in the world will be ended. The baby can put an end to battle, to strife, to sin and to war because He lays claim by His very existence. A baby is greater than a speech or a story or a sign in the sky because a baby lives!

Those of us who meet this baby on His level, without pretense or pride, we who meet Jesus in humility and love receive His peace and joy. Whoever meets Jesus in the weakness of a baby receives His peace and joy to bring and to share with all others. So as we kneel at the manger this Christmas morning, as we kneel at the foot of the Crucifix this Mass, let us lay down our pride, our pretense and our battles. Let us ask the meek baby who is the Lord to relieve us of the burden of sin and strife so we may receive His peace and joy and so be His missionaries to the world.

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