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Advent - Week 1 - Waiting for the Savior

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Advent Reflections for December 7

Advent Reflections for December 7

Week 1: Friday

And as Jesus passed on from there, two blind men followed (Him), crying out, "Son of David, have pity on us!" When He entered the house, the blind men approached Him and Jesus said to them, "Do you believe that I can do this?" "Yes, Lord," they said to Him. Then He touched their eyes and said, "Let it be done for you according to your faith." And their eyes were opened. (Matthew 9:27-30)


Many people scoff at the idea of miracles. Unwilling to believe that Jesus could restore the sight of the blind when He walked on earth, they are unwilling to see the miracles that Jesus continues to work today. If we are open to the guiding touch of God's hand and willing to discover His plan for our lives, miracles will happen. What prevents us from seeing and being a part of God's miracles? Would we rather be blind?

A man who wanted to go to hell

by Archbishop Fulton Sheen

I remember once attending a man in a hospital. When I asked him to make his peace with God he said, "I suppose you're going to tell me I'm going to hell."

"No," I said, "I'm not."

"Well," he said, "I want to go to hell."

I replied, "I have never in my life met a man who wanted to go to hell, so I think I will just sit here and watch you go." Of course, I did not intend to let time pass without doing something, but I was absolutely sure that if he had a few minutes to himself, he might change his point of view. So I sat alone with him for twenty minutes. I could see him going through a kind of soul struggle.

Then he said to me, "You really believe there is a hell?"

I asked him, "Do you feel unhappy on the inside? Are you fearful? Is there dread, anxiety? Are all the evil things of your life coming up before you as a specter, a ghost?"

Well, it was not long until he made his peace with God.

Source: Through the Year With Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

Advent Action

Send a get-well card to someone in the hospital.


Lord, clarify my vision that I may see You in others and sense You within my own soul.

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Advent Week 1

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