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Advent Reflections for Week 4 (December 23-24)

Advent Reflections for December 23

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Humble Praise and Joyful Anticipation
The readings for this fourth Sunday (and final day) of Advent emphasize the lowly origins of Jesus - both geographical and familial - and the loving sacrificial work that He, as Lord and Savior, would undertake for the sake of Israel and the entire human race. The ascent from lowliness to greatness via the startling path of sacrifice is hinted at in the reading from the prophet Micah. His message followed a basic pattern similar to that of his contemporary Isaiah: the announcement of judgment due to the rejection of Godís law, the prophecy of a restored Zion, and an exhortation to a spiritual renewal based in trust in Godís mercy. ...

Advent IV: God Keeps His Promises by Justin Holcomb
On the fourth Sunday of Advent (Advent IV), we celebrate God's faithfulness in sending Jesus, and we remember that faithfulness as we look forward to Christ's second coming. ...

The Blessed Mother and Advent Part 4: Holy Mary and the Death of Sin by Carl E. Olson
The final words of the Hail Mary are filled with comfort, but also with a reminder of our mortality and the inevitable end to our earthly lives: "Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen."
This cry to the Blessed Mother might seem distant fromĖif not at odds withĖthe season Advent and the rapidly approaching season of Christmas. What does Advent have to do with sin? What does Christmas have to do with death? ...

Mystery of Advent Part 4: The Things of Christmas
To what shall we compare the Fourth Sunday of Advent? It is like a bridegroom whispering in the ear of his bride a promise of things delightful and near. In the liturgy of the Fourth Sunday, Christ whispers into the ear of His Church the things of Christmas. And with what desire does the bride desire them! ...

The Journey To Bethlehem is Not Comfortable!
During the season of Advent, we are all invited to travel our own personal "road to Bethlehem". When we arrive at our destination on Christmas Day, we will hopefully be closer to the Lord than when we began the journey. Over the course of these few weeks, we have the opportunity to look at our lives and attempt to find ways of becoming closer to Christ. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to "take the easy way out" and do nothing or choose only those spiritual practices with which we are comfortable. ...

Good News Comes in Strange Packages
Good news comes in strange packages. The angel Gabriel is the one who delivers the news to Mary. And angels are scary creatures. Everywhere in the Bible that we find angel messengers encountering human beings, the reaction is always the same: The people are scared out of their minds. They're terrified. And understandably so. This is a direct, shocking, completely unexpected, completely out of the normal, experience, to come face to face with an angel. ...

The Messiah, the Saviour who will be Born in Bethlehem
Bible Commentary on Micah 5:2-5a - OT Reading for the Fourth Sunday in Advent

Christ's Offering of Himself Has Infinite Value
Commentary on Hebrews 10:5-10, Reading for Advent IV Sunday


Keeping Christ in Christmas by Eric Metaxas
Amid all the commercialism and very real financial stress, how do Christians focus on the mystery of the Godhead veiled in human flesh, revealed to us first in a dirty stable in Bethlehem? ...

God Did Something Different by James MacDonald
We said to God, "I don't need You. I don't want You. I will do what I want, God." And God could have reciprocated with retaliation. But God did something different. He set reconciliation in motion with an unexpected move. ...

Becoming Real - Incarnation by Sarah Jennings
Even before the Cross, Jesus' birth began the reversal of the divorce between creation and the Divine caused by Adam and Eve's fall from grace. By becoming man, God didn't merely descend to our human level but lifted humanity up to His Divine level. ...

Let's Worship by Greg Laurie
I think we should cancel the version of Christmas that is filled with hype and endless activity leading to exhaustion, the version that gives little to any thought of Christ. We should cancel Christmas and instead celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I still believe in Christmas, but not in the holiday as our culture celebrates it. I believe in the real message of Christmas, which is the birth of our Lord. ...


Opening Prayer:

Lord, fill our hearts with your love,
and as you revealed to us by an angel
the coming of your Son as man,
so lead us through his suffering and death
to the glory of his resurrection.

Anima Christi - Soul of Christ

Soul of Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
Blood of Christ, inebriate me.
Water from the side of Christ, wash me.
Passion of Christ, strengthen me.

O Good Jesus, hear me.
Within Thy wounds, hide me.
Suffer me not to be separated from Thee.
From the malignant enemy, defend me.

In the hour of my death, call me.
And bid me come to Thee, that with
Thy saints I may praise Thee for ever and ever.

Bible Reading Schedule

This Christmas, do something that will refresh and strengthen your soul. These 25 short, daily Bible readings highlight the birth of Jesus and the purpose for His coming. Related Old Testament passages are also featured. Recapture the reason for the season!

Day 23: Jesus predicts His death, part 2

Day 24: Most of the people do not believe in Jesus

Day 25: Resurrection, ascension, and invitation of Jesus

This Week in Syriac Orthodox Church

In Syrian Orthodox Church, on Sunday, December 23, 2012 we reflect on the Genealogy of Jesus Christ. Jesus' birth fulfilled all the promises and covenants made by God through the prophets of the Old Testament times. Read and meditate with these resources:

Sermons for the Sunday before Christmas

Genealogy of Jesus - Malankara World Journal Issue 114 (Dec 23)

Malankara World Journal Issue 43 - Genealogy of Jesus (2011)


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