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Sermon of The Week

10th Sunday after Pentecost

Gospel Reading: St. Matthew 18: 1-14


Who is Great
by Rev. Fr. K K John

Sermon on Matthew 18:1-20
by James T. Batchelor

Great - In The Eyes of Jesus
by Linton Smith

As Little Children: Sermon on Matthew 18:1-6
by Paul Viggiano, Torrance, CA

Jesus And The Children
by Mark A. Copeland

The Little Ones: A Sermon on Matthew 18:1-5, 10-14
Magdalene's Musings

Three Christian Virtues Compassion, Humility and Sacrifice
by Dr. Jeffrey F. Evans

Greatness, Humility, Servanthood
by John Piper

Bible Commentaries on St. Matthew 18: 1-14

Gospel: Matthew 18:1-14 (KJV)

Matthew Henry Commentary on Matthew 18:1-14

Geneva Notes/ Commentary on Matthew 18:1-14

Wesley's Notes/ Commentary on Matthew 18:1-14

Jamieson Commentary on Matthew 18:1-14

Thomas Aquinas Commentary on Matthew 18:1-14

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