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Second Sunday After Christmas

Lectionary: Second Sunday after Christmas

Gospel Reading: St. Matthew 2:19-23


Holiness Always Wins A Sermon on Matthew 2:13-15, 19-23
by Michael K. Marsh

With the birth of Jesus, God entrusts God's self to humanity. God becomes one of us and lives among us. God comes to us as we are. The world does not get cleaned up, sanitized, and made presentable for the birth of Jesus. The Christmas story is not one of preparing the nursery, painting the walls, and making it look cute. It is a story that reveals the truth about God and humanity. That God comes to us as a newborn offers us a new beginning. It also reminds us that the divine life is vulnerable, fragile, and needs to be cared for and protected. ...

Sermon Notes on Matthew 2 13-15, 19-23
by Dr. Harold Buls

Three times we are told that the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream (Matthew 1:20; Matthew 2:13; Matthew 2:19). In all three cases these words are introduced by "Behold." This is like saying: "Note this." It calls our attention to an important item. It demanded faith in God's Word to be as obedient as was Joseph in each case. He did not argue. He acted. ...

How Do You See Jesus of Nazareth?
By Rick Clayton

While studying Matthew's narrative about the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, it has become apparent that, even from the time of His conception in Mary's womb, the world has rejected Him. The second chapter of Matthew has emphasized this fact in His early childhood as well. In a series of references to Old Testament prophecies, Matthew has explained that God, in His sovereignty, foresaw and foretold, not only specific events regarding Christ's rejection but, in giving them, paints for us a picture of the life of Christ. ...

The Early Years Of Jesus
by Mark A. Copeland

Executable sermon outlines on Matthew 2:13-23

Flight To and Return From Egypt
By Katerina Whitley

Jesus was born at a time that held little to no regard for human life. Emperors and kings reigned supreme, considering themselves equal to gods. They held the power to kill, and there was no one to hold them accountable. We like to think that eventually Christianity changed all that for many parts of the Western world, but eventually human nature succumbed to its pre-Christian idolatry the divine right of kings comes to mind. ...

Sermon for the Second Sunday after Christmas
by Rev. Fr. V.V. Paulose

There is an imminent end for all the bad that you are facing in your present life. Evil is a reality. Evil never ever wins over truth and good. Sometimes, it seems that the evil is in control but that is an illusion. Good will come with more vigour and fury to destroy the evil forever. Protection and preparation are what we need to save the truth. ...

No Place Like Home
By Sharron R. Blezard

People still flee today, crossing borders and taking incredible risks to protect their families, to seek a better life, to find a place of safety where they may simply live without fear of war, terror, genocide, religious persecution, and crime. Home becomes both portable and a place of longing. In many cases, the life of the one who flees is forever altered, and there is no going home. ...

Commentary on Matthew 2:19-23

Jesus' Exodus To Nazareth - Bible Commentary

Scripture tells us nothing specific about Jesus' stay in Egypt. The people He met in Egypt, the ancient sights He saw, even where He stayed - all these details remain a mystery. The only thing Matthew writes about is the reappearance of a familiar messenger: an angel of the Lord....

What Was Matthew Citing When He Said That Jesus Would Be Called A Nazarene?

Matthew 2 is filled with Old Testament prophecies, some of which are hard to understand. But the last one Matthew cites is the hardest: And he went and lived in a city called Nazareth, so that what was spoken by the prophets might be fulfilled, that he would be called a Nazarene. (Matthew 2:23) ...

Gospel Reading: St. John 1:43-51


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Gospel Reading: St. Luke 2:40-52 (Revised Lectionary used elsewhere)


The perfection of Jesus Christ in every age
by HG Mathews Mar Barnabas

Devotional Thoughts for the Second Sunday after Christmas
by Jose Kurian Puliyeril


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