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Theme: Prayer
Volume 5 No. 301 August 21, 2015

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I am sure you have noticed that this issue of Malankara World Journal looks different. If you read MWJ in a smartphone or IPAD like devices, hopefully, it will be easy to read the journal. If you read on conventional desktop or laptop, you will see a narrow column.

We have made some changes to the format to make it easier to read MWJ on smartphone and those devices with narrow screens. Also, when you read individual articles, instead of presenting the whole journal, now you will see only a section of the journal. It will load faster and will save you some bandwidth. If this is successful, we will have future issues where you can load one article at a time. Let us see how this is received. Please send us your feedback on the changes to

Issue 300 - Tri Centum Souvenir Edition:

Due to the major technical changes and the delays in receiving articles, Issue 300 will be released only on Sunday (August 23). This way, you will have a wonderful book to read till the Thiruvonam on Aug 28. The theme of the Souvenir is Christian Life.


Dr. Jacob Mathew
Malankara World

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