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Jesus and Temple Tax
Volume 5 No. 302 August 28, 2015

Sermons for This Sunday (August 30)

Sermons for This Sunday: Third Sunday after Shunoyo

This Week's Features

Son of God and Temple Tax

Just like the Pharisees and Sadducees of Jesus Christ's days on earth, who were always asking for "signs", people after Jesus' death and resurrection still had questions. Most could not understand how a virgin can become pregnant and deliver without losing virginity. This is an important fundamental teaching of the church - the virgin birth. ...

Jesus Pays His and Peter's Temple Tax

The Temple tax was one that all Jews were supposed to pay once a year for the upkeep and maintenance of the Temple in Jerusalem. It wasn't a large tax, but it wasn't a small one either, equivalent to about two days' wages for a working man. ...

The Sons Are Free

The other point of the miracle is that when you act in freedom and love -not under coercion or constraint - God himself works for you in ways you would never dream. It's like the feeding of the five thousand. Jesus says to the disciples who have five loaves and two fish borrowed from a little boy, "You feed the five thousand." When they set out to do that (just as when Peter sets out to pay the temple tax), God causes the five loaves and two fish to become enough to feed them all. And God causes a coin to be there in a fish's mouth. ...

The Miracles of Jesus Christ: The Coin in the Fish's Mouth

This account contains two principles. The first is doctrinal, teaching Jesus' place in God's Kingdom as the rightful Son. The second is moral, showing that greatness in the Kingdom derives from service and humility. Jesus' phrase, "lest we offend them," should motivate us to employ meekness and wisdom. ...

The Lessons Taught by The Episode and Miracle Described in Matthew 14:24-27

His perfect obedience and stainless life discharged for Himself all the obligations under which He came as a man, to law and righteousness; His perfect life and His mighty death are for us the full discharge of all that can be brought against us....

General Weekly Features

Family: Husband and Wife - A Holy Partnership

Here's the bottom line of your responsibility as a husband: You are charged with the holy, loving leadership of your wife. There is nothing dictatorial or selfish in this prescription! Your love is to be so strong that it mirrors Christ's love for the church, so committed that you would unquestioningly die to save her, and so powerful that it is indistinguishable from love of your self. ...

The Prescription for Happy Living

Everyone says, "Look out for yourself. Think of yourself." But the Bible says, "Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others" (Philippians 2:4). ...

An Innocent Man

An innocent man had been willing to die to save the others! The incident had a profound effect. The men began to treat each other like brothers and look out for one another. ...

Self Improvement: Change Problems To Opportunities

If we approach the solution with what Deepak is suggesting, that the problem is really an opportunity in disguise, we have gone from the burden of problem solving to the excitement of discovery! It's easy to feel the difference, isn't it? ...

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