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Kohne Sunday, Conversion of Paul
Volume 6 No. 327 January 22, 2016
I. This Sunday in Church
This Sunday, being the first Sunday following Nineveh Lent, the Holy Church remembers all the Departed Clergy. Next Sunday, the second Sunday following Nineveh Lent, the church will remember all departed faithful, clergy and laity. Then it is time for the Great Lent.
Bible Readings for This Sunday (January 24)

Lectionary Period: Koodosh Eetho to Kothne

Sermons for This Sunday (January 24)

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Featured: A Jesuit Prayer for Priests

"O my God, I burn with desire for the sanctification of Thy priests."

On this Sunday we remember all the departed clergy, But, we should remember all the clergy, departed or living. Here is a prayer by an Irish Jesuit Father William Doyle. It expresses the role of priests very well.

O my God, pour out in abundance Thy spirit of sacrifice upon Thy priests.
It is both their glory and their duty to become victims,
to be burnt up for souls,
to live without ordinary joys,
to be often the objects of distrust, injustice, and persecution.

The words they say every day at the altar,
"This is my Body, this is my Blood,"
grant them to apply to themselves:
"I am no longer myself, I am Jesus, Jesus crucified.
I am, like the bread and wine, a substance no longer itself,
but by consecration another."

O my God, I burn with desire for the sanctification of Thy priests.
I wish all the priestly hands which touch Thee were hands whose touch is gentle and pleasing to Thee,
that all the mouths uttering such sublime words at the altar should never descend to speaking trivialities.

Let priests in all their person stay at the level of their lofty functions,
let every man find them simple and great, like the Holy Eucharist,
accessible to all yet above the rest of men.
O my God, grant them to carry with them from the Mass of today,
a thirst for the Mass of tomorrow,
and grant them, ladened themselves with gifts,
to share these abundantly with their fellow men.



Saint John Chrysostom on Priests

All men are ready to pass judgment on the priest as if he was not a being clothed with flesh, or one who inherited a human nature, but like an angel, and emancipated from every species of infirmity. And just as all men fear and flatter a tyrant as long as he is strong, because they cannot put him down, but when they see his affairs going adversely, those who were his friends a short time before abandon their hypocritical respect, and suddenly become his enemies and antagonists, and having discovered all his weak points, make an attack upon him, and depose him from the government; so is it also in the case of priests.

Those who honored him and paid court to him a short time before, while he was strong, as soon as they have found some little handle eagerly prepare to depose him, not as a tyrant only, but something far more dreadful than that. And as the tyrant fears his body guards, so also does the priest dread most of all his neighbors and fellow-ministers. For no others covet his dignity so much, or know his affairs so well as these; and if anything occurs, being near at hand, they perceive it before others, and even if they slander him, can easily command belief, and, by magnifying trifles, take their victim captive.

Source: Saint John Chrysostom, On The Priesthood, Book III


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