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Theme: Advent-Revelation to Joseph,
Baskiyamo Dr. Ann Kadavil Special, Death and Dying

Volume 6 No. 388 December 9, 2016
We are into the week 5 of Syriac Orthodox Advent (week 3 of Western Advent). This week, finally, Joseph is told by the angel that Mary is pregnant by the Holy Spirit and not by cheating. Joseph was very relieved as he really loved Mary and he didn't want to divorce her; that was the only option he had if Mary got pregnant due to infidelity. Joseph accepts angel's word without questioning and became a good foster father to Jesus and husband to Mary.

In the whole of bible there is no mention of any conversation of Joseph. He was a quiet person; but had great faith in the power of God and was very obedient. Just like Abraham, he did everything God asked him to do without any questioning. He was also an ideal father. We discuss these aspects of Joseph in this week's issue of MWJ. Learn more by referring to the archives mentioned.

If you were not observing the 25 day lent, the Yeldo Lent begins on December 15 and ends on December 25.

Last week, I learned the shocking news that Baskiyamo Dr. Anne Kadvil, wife of Very Rev. Abraham Kadavil Cor Episcopos, had gone to her eternal home. This was a shocking news. I could just see Kochamma sitting in the front row of the Archdiocesan Family and Youth Conference in July 2016 when Kadavil achen, who was not well, came to preside on a panel discussion I was also involved. She had occasional age-related sickness from time to time; but her passing away was a big shock to me.

So, this edition of the Malankara World Journal has supplements on Kochamma, on Death and Dying and about Orthodox Priest's wife. I will explain it in more detail in section III.

Christmas is just around the corner. Everywhere you go, you see the Christmas lights and Christmas music. Shops are full of people buying gifts. I do not know how the recent shortage of cash in India is going to affect the Christmas in India.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dr. Jacob Mathew
Malankara World


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