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Theme: Advent-Revelation to Joseph,
Baskiyamo Dr. Ann Kadavil Special, Death and Dying

Volume 6 No. 388 December 9, 2016

VI. General Weekly Features

How To Make Poinsettia Paper Flower
How to make a finished Bo-Quet Flower (poinsettia tissue paper flower)

Poinsettia Peper Flower - finished product
Finished Product


Red tissue paper
Green tissue paper
Green pipe cleaner
Gold beads for center of flower
Flower wire


Poinsettia Paper flower-steps

1. Cut red and green tissue paper into eight-inch square pieces.

2. Stack the tissue squares one on top of another.

3. Starting from one side, fold the tissue paper at one inch intervals until the stacked square is completely folded.

4. Make two petal-shapped cuts on each end of the tissue paper.

5. Using floral wire, tie three small gold beads around the center of the folded tissue paper.

6. Attach a green pipe cleaner stem around the beaded center and wrap around the wire stem.

7. Pull apart each layer of tissue paper to create the poinsettia flower.


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