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Theme: 4th Sun After New Sunday, Discipleship
Volume 7 No. 416 May 19, 2017
This Sunday is the last Sunday before Ascension of Our Lord into heaven. It is almost 40 days after Easter! Time flies. In another two weeks, it will be Pentecost and the busy church season will transition into ordinary days - with church feasts, family conferences, family vacations in the West, etc. Summer is always a busy time.

During the first few Sundays after the Easter, we recalled the appearances of the risen savior to his disciples and others. Although Jesus was a very public person and easily accessible to everyone during his Public Ministry, he only appeared to those He wanted privately after the resurrection. (He appeared to a lot of people according to the bible.) We know about Jesus strengthening His disciples and clarifying their mission as well as reinstalling Peter - it was more like a leadership training. Jesus knew he only had few days remaining on the earth before he returns to His father. So, rather than direct evangelization, Jesus trained the trainers - the disciples - how to evangelize effectively. He also gave the the moral support and also the resources - the Holy Spirit. It was an effective transition period.

In this Sunday's Bible reading, Jesus talks about discipleship. Jesus wants to make sure that those who follow him know exactly what awaits them - the cross. He wants to make sure that his disciples are ready to face them. He wanted to be sure that they understand that he selects those who follow him; not the other way around. He called the apostles with, "Follow Me" and they did. Similarly he calls us to follow him to eternal life. The road is very bumpy, but the final rewards are well worth it. He is standing outside the door and knocking. Only if we answer the door and welcome Him into our heart, Jesus will come into us. This is our choice.

As I write this (on May 17, 2017), it is unseasonably warm in America's North Coast. It is predicted to break the record today by temperature hitting 93 degrees F (34 deg C). The record for this day here had been 90 degrees. I was in Texas last week. The temperature there was in mid 90s. It is warm for Texas! Last year, by the way, we had snow in Ohio on this day, that destroyed all the crops of early gardeners. It looks unlikely that it will happen this year. But only God knows. Scientists have a way of explaining everything after the fact. When it is hot, it is global warming; when it is cold, it is climate change. Isn't it nice that God is still in charge and we really have no clue what God's plans are. If we accept our limitations and surrender to God, we can trust that God will lead us to the mansion Jesus has promised he was going to prepare for us. God's promises do not change. We can bet our life on it!

Dr. Jacob Mathew
Malankara World


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