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Theme: Humility of John The Baptist
Volume 7 No. 457 January 19, 2018
We are almost into the third week in January in the New Year. More importantly, on Monday (actually, sunset on Sunday), we begin our Nineveh or 3 day Lent (Moonnu Nombu). The practical importance of Nineveh Lent is that like John the Baptist was the forerunner of Messiah, Nineveh Lent announces to us that The Great Lent (50 nombu) is only 2 weeks away. The first Sunday, after the end of Nineveh Lent, is the day we remember our departed clergy. On the second Sunday, we remember all the departed. The Third Sunday after the end of Nineveh Lent is the Kothne Sunday - Pethrutha of the Great Lent. On the Sunset of that Sunday, the Great Lent officially starts. And the Easter is on April 1. (No April Fool's Day this year.)

I hope that you enjoyed reading all the Malankara World Journal issues, that were released in the past month. We are still in the Christmas mood, but talking about Easter!! Christmas Season ends officially in the church on February, the day of Mayaltho (Presentation of Jesus Christ at the temple 40 days after his birth.) In the mean time, about 30 years of his life before His public ministry is cramped into 2 months.

I happened to love today's bible reading, especially when John the Baptist tells his disciples, "I must decrease and He has to increase." This is the ultimate sacrifice John will undertake. All the ministry he has painfully developed is sacrificed so Jesus can establish and grow His ministry! Very few people can do this. Even with the best of intentions, it is difficult to walk away from something you had spent a life time developing it.

to, John the Baptist it was his call. He came strictly as a forerunner. His mission was to "promote" Jesus and introduce Him so that Jesus can grow His own ministry. Since the scope of both ministries are the same, call for repentance, there is no space for two competing ministries. Only one can survive. Although Johns was the older and better established one, his had to go. Simple as that. And John had no problem with that. This is the best example of humility we can see in the bible, save that of Mary, the mother of God. Humility is a trait that is sought highly by God.

Andrew Murray said, "The truth is this: Pride must die in you or nothing of heaven can live in you. Under the banner of the truth, give yourself up to the meek and humble spirit of the holy Jesus. Humility must sow the seed or there can be no reaping in heaven."

That is a good lesson for you and me. Let us learn from John The Baptist, Virgin Mary and Mother (St.) Theresa. Humility is prized by God.


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