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Theme: Suffering and Persecution
Volume 5 No. 306 September 25, 2015

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Cloud Formation on the way from Indianapolis, IN to St. Louis, MO in September 2015. Malankara World Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew
Unusual Cloud Formation on the way from Indianapolis, IN to
St. Louis, MO in September 2015.

Malankara World Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew


I. This Sunday in Church - 2nd Sunday After Sleebo Feast

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday

2. Sermons for This Sunday

3. Featured: Bible Study on Sour Dough (Matthew 16.5-12)

In the New Testament, leaven is a symbol of any evil influence which, if allowed to remain, can corrupt the body of believers. Jesus warned His disciples against the leaven of the Pharisees, their teaching and hypocrisy (Matt. 16:5-12; Luke 12:1). ...

II. This Week's Features: Suffering and Persecution

4. Why is there Evil in the World? How About Suffering?

The problem of pain. It's a perennial issue for the defender of Christianity, and rightfully so. It's also a big question, deserving of a substantive answer. For the Christian apologist, it boils down to this: How are we to reconcile what we believe about God (that He is all-powerful, good, wise, loving, just and merciful), with the undeniable realities of sin, death, evil, pain, injustice and evil in this world? ...

5. The Persecuted

The early church went through much persecution for their faith in Christ. It affected their livelihood. They had to ask themselves, Should a Christian craftsman create idols for the temples? Or should a tailor sew robes for heathen priests? ...

6. Surprised by Suffering: The Targeting of Christians

Gayle Williams was a 34 year-old foreign aid worker serving among the disabled in a country where humanitarian work is both needed and dangerous. Williams was killed as she walked to work in 2008, targeted by a militant group because they believed she was spreading Christianity. ...

7. Five Truths to Remember When Evil Seems to Be Winning

What do you do when life doesn't make sense? Do you give in to the notion that there must not be a God or if there is, he is uncaring and calloused? Some people do but this only leads to more bitterness in the world. God never meant for his created human beings to go it alone in this world. ...

8. My Safe Place in the Storm

When the fierce storms of life overwhelm us, there is only one thing to do if we want to survive. We must position ourselves in the right place – in the hands of God – and He will keep us safe and secure until the storm has passed. ...

9. Aleppo Melkite Prelate Reflects on His 20 Years as Archbishop, All That He's Lost in the Last 4 Years

Here is a letter from Aleppo, written by the Melkite Archbishop of the city, Jean-Clément Jeanbart, reflecting on his 20 years of service there, as he now fights for his faithful to stay in Syria.

... Today, Aleppo is a wounded city in the full sense of the word. All socio-economic, artistic and intellectual activities that were its joy have been brought to a halt; at the same time, the city's archeological riches and ancient patrimony, our source of pride, have been badly damaged. ...

III. General Weekly Features

10. Family Special: A New Attitude

It's difficult to maintain an encouraging spirit when you're overwhelmed by problems with your child. We know of a family that faced this predicament. Jenny was a three-year-old who was still acting like a child in the "terrible twos"; nearly every interaction between parent and child was marked by conflict. ...

11. Tips for Avoiding Road Rage

There are solutions that can at least reduce the number of road-rage incidents. People who are easily angered by slower drivers, detours and other traffic disruptions can be taught to be more aware of their responses and modify them to reduce accident risks, according to research published this year by the Society for Risk Analysis. ...

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