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Theme: Magnificat - Mary Visits Elizabeth
Volume 5 No. 316 November 27, 2015

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Mary Visits Elizabeth
Mary Visits Elizabeth

Now Mary arose in those days and went into the hill country with haste,
to a city of Judah, and entered the house of Zacharias and greeted Elizabeth.

Luke 1:39-40 (NKJV)


The Yeldho Lent begins for Malankara on Dec 1 and for Syriacs on Dec 15.

1. Foreword

As per the Syriac Orthodox Church Calendar, next Sunday (Nov 29) is the 3rd Sunday of Advent. We recalled the Annunciation to Zechariah on the first Sunday. Last week, on the second Sunday of advent, we recalled the Annunciation to Mary. This Sunday, we will recall the Visit of Mary to Elizabeth when Mary gave one of the finest poetry in Luke called Magnificat. It is one of the revered scripture passage in the Bible and is used in Liturgy extensively. ...

I. This Sunday in Church - St. Mary Visits Elizabeth

2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (November 29)

3. Sermons for This Sunday (November 29)

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II. This Week's Featured Articles

5. My Soul Magnifies The Lord - A Biblical Reflection

It was remarkable that God chose to bring about His work of redemption through two human babies and their mothers. Jesus was still in Mary's womb, yet in His presence, Elizabeth and her own unborn son, John, were filled with the Holy Spirit. This short but powerful scene gives us a glimpse of the forceful love of God, who simply cannot wait to pour out His life. What a foreshadowing this is of the glory of the risen Christ, who wants to pour out His Spirit on all people! ...

6. Mary Sings The Praises of God's Mercy

In the Magnificat, a truly theological song because it reveals the experience Mary had of God's looking upon her, God is not only the Almighty to whom nothing is impossible, as Gabriel had declared (cf. Lk 1:37), but also the Merciful, capable of tenderness and fidelity towards every human being. ...

7. The Magnificat: Mary's Own Prayer

We have many reasons to give due consideration and prayerful reflection to the Magnificat. It is the longest discourse recorded of Mary in Divine Revelation. Many are the stories written telling about the heart of Mary as shown in that beautiful prayer. Certainly inspired, it was pronounced by Mary herself when she was carrying the Divine Child in her womb. It is the perfect act of humility and of profound humble adoration. ...

8. Friendship By Design

Can you imagine the turmoil Mary felt as she traveled to Judea? "No one is ever going to believe me. Joseph is going to put me away. And what will my parents think?"

Can you imagine how Elizabeth's words of encouragement were a balm to the young girl? God divinely revealed His plan to Elizabeth and she in turn affirmed Mary before she even revealed her the news. What a precious Lord we serve! ...

III. General Weekly Features

9. Health: Five Things Christians Should NOT Say to Cancer Patients

For years now I've felt there was a disconnect between the well-meaning reactions of church members toward Christians affected by cancer and other diseases of similar dread. ...

10. Recipe: Sumatran Beef Curry From Indonesia

11. Bonus Recipe: Turkey Enchiladas

This is a great way to use the left over turkey from Thanksgiving. You can freeze the enchiladas for later use too. ...

12. Family Special: Marriage - Love in the Mirror

That's the way marriage ought to work - it should be a mutual admiration society that overlooks a million flaws and builds the self-esteem of both partners. Let's become each other's mirrors, reflecting back love and affirmation every chance we get. ...

13. Self Improvement: Four Faces Of Leadership And The Importance Of The Vision Thing

Growing a leader's visionary side boils down to sharpening both the ability to notice things early and the ability to create coherence. In combination, the abilities suggest four archetypes of leaders. ...

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