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Revelation to Joseph
Volume 5 No. 318 December 11, 2015

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Joy to the World
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1. Foreword

This Sunday, we recall the Revelation to St. Joseph. St. Joseph is the most ignored Patriarch/Saint of our church. Not a word of what he said is recorded in the Bible. He was described as a just man and followed what the God asked him to do without questioning. That is the ultimate faith and obedience. ...

I. This Sunday in Church - Revelation to Joseph

2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (December 13)

3. Sermons for This Sunday (December 13)

4. From Malankara World Journal Archives

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II. This Week's Featured Articles

5. St. Joseph's Doubt And The Angel's Gift

Although devotion to St. Joseph has grown tremendously in recent centuries, it is still easy to overlook both the tremendous decisions he faced and the great character he demonstrated in making those decisions. Today's reading from the Gospel of Matthew describes Joseph as a "righteous man". This is not some vague reference to Joseph simply being a nice guy, but is a direct recognition of his whole-hearted commitment to the Law. ...

6. Joseph, The Righteous Man of God

This Sunday offers us a very human insight into an important figure that played a significant role in the birth of Jesus and beyond Joseph, the husband of Mary. Joseph is silent throughout the Gospels so whatever he may have thought we can only speculate. Yet, we can probably assume that what he felt when the news of Mary's unexpected pregnancy was made known to him, how we don't know, his reaction surely was what any intended spouse would have felt disappointment and confusion. ...

7. Why Did God Wait To Tell Joseph?

God could've made it easier for St. Joseph, but he didn't. Therefore he must've had a good reason for waiting to make his will clear to St. Joseph. Sometimes, we too wonder why God doesn't make things clear right away. After all, God has all the answers why doesn't he share them with us?  ...

8. Let's Stop Ignoring Joseph at Christmas

It's a shame that Joseph is so neglected in our thoughts and affections, even at Christmastime. If we pay attention to him, though, we just might see a model for a new generation of Christians. We might see how to live as the presence of Christ in a culture of death. We might see how to image a protective Father, how to preach a life-affirming gospel, even in a culture captivated by the spirit of Herod....

9. Intercessional Prayer to St. Joseph

III. General Weekly Features

10. Health: Five Tips For Staying (Almost) Stress Free During The Holidays

The holidays are approaching, bringing with them a flurry of must-accomplish tasks such as baking, shopping, entertaining, traveling and dealing with eccentric family members who arrive ready to renew decades-old arguments. So how can you endure without all those stress-inducing moments ruining your health and sapping your holiday spirit? ...

11. Healthy Eating with Four Recipe Substitutions

We all love the foods served at typical holiday celebrations, but we're not so fond of the calories they contain. Here, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss expert Warren Honeycutt shares four healthy recipes to prepare instead - and no, you won't have to sacrifice flavor. ...

12. Family Special: Seven Lessons Fathers Should Teach Their Children

It was no accident, rather, it was the will of God that Jesus Christ was conceived of woman and born into a family where he was lovingly raised and received experiential knowledge as he matured from infancy to adulthood. Everything Jesus received from that family experience is an example for us to follow. Nothing of his life is to be neglected by us as if it were irrelevant to our lives. The same is true of every word written in Sacred Scripture. ...

13. Three Things to Remember When You Feel Invisible

When we're operating as a faulty bow, we long for identity, but we land in crisis. We shoot for pleasure, but we end up requiring more and more to make us happy. We target acceptance, but we hit greater insecurity. We long to be seen and acknowledged, but we end up feeling jealous, envious, and invisible. ...

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