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Great Lent Week 6, Sin
Volume 6 No. 336 March 11, 2016

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St. Simons Jacobite Church, Velloor, Kottayam Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World
St. Simon's Jacobite Church, Velloor, Kottayam

Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World


1. Foreword

Theological experts also suggest that the working with mud was a creation process. Remember God created Adam by first making a model in mud and then blowing the spirit into him. Here, Jesus spat on the clay, mixed the spittle with the clay and anointed the eyes of the person born blind. Was Jesus creating a new 'eyeball' for the blind man using the same mud we are all (and the blind man too) is made of? So, what we were observing in this miracle is the Lord's power of creation being manifested in this blind man. ...

I. This Sunday in Church - 6th Sunday in Great Lent - Samiyo, The Blind Man

2. Bible Readings for 6th Sunday in Great Lent (March 13) Lectionary/Lec_6th_sunday_of_Great-Lent.htm

3. Sermons for 6th Sunday in Great Lent (March 13)

4. Malankara World Journals with the Theme: Great Lent Week 6

II. Lectionary Reflections on 6th Sunday of Great Lent (Blind Man)

5. Blindness of the Heart

The challenge is not to find who to blame, but how do we reach out to those who suffer and bring hope and comfort to their lives. For when we start to blame and judge others, without intending to do so, we add to their burdens. Think for a moment how the parents must have felt when they were told by the religious authorities that they were the cause of their son's blindness. We add so much to the burdens of others as we judge and accuse. ...

6. Finding the Pool of Siloam: Another Testament to the Bible's Accuracy

The story about the discovery of the Pool of Siloam highlights the growing scholarly appreciation for the historical qualities of the fourth Gospel. As Pope Benedict XVI wrote in "Jesus of Nazareth," the Gospel of John "rests on extraordinarily precise knowledge of times and places, and so can only have been produced by someone who had an excellent firsthand knowledge of Palestine at the time of Jesus." What's more, it's become clear "that the Gospel thinks and argues entirely in terms of the Old Testament and that its whole way of arguing is deeply rooted in the Judaism of Jesus' time." ...

III. Great Lent - Week 6 - Supplement

7. Malankara World Great Lent Supplement

Malankara World Great Lent Supplement

8. Meditations and Reflections For Week 6 of Great Lent

Week 6 of Great Lent

IV. Featured Articles on Today's Theme: Sin

9. What Sin Is & What Sin Does

Not until we clearly see that sin has battered, bruised and driven us to despair will we even begin to admit our need. Not until we grasp that sin has arrested, imprisoned, condemned and killed us will we reach out to Christ for justification and life. Sin is not a joke. We need not be morbid about it, but we should certainly check for it often within ourselves to avoid its deceptive, life-destroying bondage. ...

10. What Does It Mean That Jesus Died for Our Sins?

When we say "Jesus died for our sins," we are saying that He died because of our sins. Sin leads to death (Romans 6:23). We were sinners consigned to death, and we had no way to stop sinning. Jesus came into our world and lived a perfect life, so death had no hold on Him. Yet, in His grace, Jesus chose to die on our behalf. He took our punishment for us. As He died "for our sins," as our substitute, He prayed that we would be forgiven. Since our penalty has already been paid, God will forgive all who put their trust in Jesus. ...

11. Were Adam and Eve Set up to Fail?

However, I can't help but ask, "Why was that awful fruit available anyway? Why did God plant - in the Garden of Eden - two trees whose fruit were not to be eaten? Did God set up Adam and Eve for failure by making enticing forbidden fruit available?" ...

12. Does Love Cover A Multitude of Sins?

Yes, we ought to forgive and forbear, overlooking minor offenses hoping others will do the same for us. And, we are to speak up when someone's sin is hurting them, hurting others, or hurting us. Biblical love takes both paths. Godly wisdom helps us discern which path is needed for any particular situation. ...

13. Family Special: God's Justice

There are times when parents should allow their children to experience the unpleasant consequences of sin. Our kids need to understand that those painful consequences come by God's design. Children have a right to know that our merciful God of love is also a God of righteous wrath. ...

V. General Weekly Features

14. Inspirational: That Someone Is Me

Feel the love, cherish the knowing, drink in the joy, and take comfort and strength in all of it. It is all here for you. Reach for it! Embrace it! It is Divinely Yours! ...

15. Family Special: That's the Way I Feel About You
A Young Mother Learns About God Through Her Handicapped Child

Thanks to her five‐year‐old daughter, Nancy Jo Sullivan rediscovered the reality of God's all‐powerful presence. Many never understand that He is in our midst, ready to love us and pick up our backpacks full of troubles and fears. ...

16. 8 Small Things That Increase Your Chances of Achieving Your Goals

Although it may seem like the achievement of your goals stands miles away from where you are now, it's actually closer than you think when you put the big picture aside and focus on the small things. Whether your resolutions are related to your personal or professional life, the 8 small changes I've listed below can turn your hopes into reality. ...

17. I am a Seenager (Senior Teenager)

I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 50 years later. ...

18. About Malankara World

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