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Theme: Bread of Life, 3rd Sunday After New Sunday
Volume 6 No. 345 April 22, 2016

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John 1:12 - He gave them the power to become sons of God

I. This Sunday in Church

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (April 24)

2. Sermons for This Sunday (April 24)

3. From Malankara World Journal Archives

Malankara World Journals with the Theme: Bread of Life

Volume 5 No 283: May 1 2015
Theme: Bread of Eternal Life

Volume: 4 No: 200 
I am Statements of Jesus
I am the Bread of Life

II. Lectionary Reflections

4. Living Bread

God's deliverance of His people wasn't about manna, and Jesus' life, death, and resurrection were not about bread and fish. Something better is entering into our world. God's plan is more profound than we ever could have imagined. ...

5. The True Bread of Heaven

It is now evident that whoever has faith in this bread of heaven--in Christ, in this flesh and blood, of which he here speaks that it is given to him and that it is his--he also accepts it as his own, and has already done the will of God and eaten of this heavenly manna; as Augustine says: What do you prepare for your mouth? Only believe, and you have already eaten. ...

6. Bread of The Presence

What was the Bread of the Presence (Exodus 25:30)?
The bread of the Presence was special bread always present on a table in the tabernacle (and later in the temple). Leviticus 24:57 describes this bread. ...

III. General Weekly Features

7. Family Special: Five Things Your Wife Wants You to Know (But is Afraid to Say)

Dear husbands, here is what so many wives wants you to know (but are completely afraid to say)....We desire to be heard. If you can listen and understand all that our heart conveys, we feel so valued and, in return, often want to respect you that much more.

8. Family Special: Protecting Kids From Negative Media Influences

One of the most disturbing trends in today's society is the increasing incidence of kids killing kids. Our culture-through television, movies, the Internet, and video games-teaches our kids to get even with or kill those who get in their way. ...

9. Career: The Golden Circle- How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Great leaders inspire action because they attract loyal followers who share the same beliefs as they do. This greatness creates a ripple effect starting from the top-down. ..

10. Digital Disruption Has Only Just Begun

While the digital transformation of industries will be profound, we must keep in mind that it will have wider economic and social impact, too, as with previous revolutions driven by steam and coal, electricity and computers. ...

11. Inspiration: Did I Do My Best?

We can choose to not just show up at work, but to invest ourselves fully into it. We can decide to not just be involved in a relationship, but to pour ourselves into it. We can opt-in to not just enduring the struggles and monotony of life, but to being relishing the grandeur of it. ...

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