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Theme: Humility, Servant Leader
Volume 6 No. 363 August 19, 2016

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Philippians 2:7

1. Foreword

If you want to be holy, if you seek meaning in your life, start looking into your own life and attacking your pride in all of its many forms. God will give you extraordinary light and the ultimate reward of holiness. For your holiness relies not on what you do, but on what you allow God to do through you. Have courage. God will perfect you. ...

I. This Sunday in Church: 1st Sunday After Shunoyo

2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (August 21) Lec_1st_sunday_after-Shunoyo.htm

3. Sermons for This Sunday (August 21)

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II. Lectionary Reflections

5. Contemporary Commentary on Mark 10:35-45

Greatness among Jesus' followers is measured by their ability to live as servants and slaves, even if that life means suffering oppression at the hands of those who wield power. Jesus has spoken in similar terms in Mark 9:33-37, where he compares himself to a child, an image of powerlessness and vulnerability. He will embody such subjection in his passion, when he affirms the promise of his glorification (Mark 14:62) but nevertheless forgoes the power to control his fate or to prevail over others. ...

6. When Jesus Gives His Life as a Ransom, He Frees Us to Serve Others as Slaves of Christ

Once again, Jesus tries to redefine what it means to be first and great. In Mark 9:35 and 10:31 Jesus had said that to be first required being last and servant of all. In Mark 9:36-37 and 10:13-16 he had demonstrated what this looks like in God's dominion as he welcomed children. Here in Mark 10:43-44 he repeats the concept. To be great is to be a servant (diakonos). ...

7. Greatness, Humility, Servanthood

Without humility we won't serve, or we will serve for the wrong reasons. It seems almost impossible to overstate how pervasive are the effects of humility in our lives. ...

8. The Greatness of Service

The pursuit of greatness is not inherently wrong; we sin by not understanding or pursuing what Jesus defines as true greatness. The citizens of Christ's kingdom do not seek greatness in order to achieve power over others-that is what citizens of worldly kingdoms do (Mark 10:4243a). Instead, Christians pursue greatness in order to better serve others, to meet the needs of other believers. ...

9. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective S.E.R.V.A.N.T Leader

What does a servant-leader look like? What should come to our mind when we think of servant-leaders? I believe there are at least seven habits or practices of a highly effective servant leader. I came up with these seven habits when I sought to identify what qualities should be seen in a member of our church. ...

10. James, John, Jesus and my Great Aunt Esther

Like James and John, you and I are only at the beginning of understanding the demands of this call to follow Jesus. And no, maybe none of us will ever get it completely right. At the same time, we are so blessed to have in Jesus the perfect model of what this journey looks like at its most faithful. ...

III. General Weekly Features

11. Career: How to Go from Good to Great - and Enjoy the Rewards - In 4 Easy Steps

Ego. Selflessness. Pride. Humility. Confidence. Fear. There are so many emotions that play a part in personal development. What you want in your career is the confidence that follows accomplishment, not the pride that precedes a fall. ...

12. Family Special: It's Easy to Give Up and Give In

Not long ago, someone asked me why someone would choose to be depressed, what benefits could ever result from deciding to give up. ...

13. Family Special: Can Teen Alcoholism Start At Home?

Pre-teens and teenagers begin their relationship with alcohol from their very first encounter. Many parents believe that exposing their children to small amounts of alcohol before the age of 21 while in the safety in their own homes is safer than waiting until college parties. But the truth isn't always so simple. ...

14. Christian Life: Does the Pursuit of Perfection Keep you Trapped?

When you search for perfection like a flawless diamond,
you pretty much always walk away with nothing. ...

15. Christian Life: Five Areas of Your Life Satan Wants to Enter

Satan wants nothing more than to enter certain areas of your life so he can gain a stronghold. He'll try anything to throw you off center, distract you from your focus, and render you ineffective for the Kingdom of God. ...

16. Inspirational: How You Can Soar Like the Eagles

As a believer in Christ, God made you to soar in the heavens! He has blessed us in Christ Jesus to roar and reside in the heavenly places. Yet, so many believers I talk with today are stuck on the ground, like that little eaglet, and are content with living their lives among the turkeys instead of soaring with the eagles. ...

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