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St. mary
His mercy extends to those who fear him,
from generation to generation.
(Luke 1:50)

Ettu Nombu Special
Theme: Humility
Volume 6 No. 365 September 1, 2016

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Featured Articles

1. Introduction

2. Listening To Mary's Voice Humility

When Mary refers to herself as a "handmaid", she is professing her humility. Despite just having been told that she will be the vessel used to deliver the Savior to the world, Mary referred to herself as a servant. ...

3. Mary's Humility

Since Mary was the first and most perfect disciple of Jesus in the practice of the virtues, she naturally excelled in the practice of humility. For this reason, she deserved to be exalted above all other creatures. ...

4. Humble Appointment: Humility of David

David was sensitive enough to hear the whisper of God's voice, "You will be the next king." But as soon as the big moment was over and they turned out the lights, he was humbly back with his sheep. People had to actually pull him from the sheep to get him to do anything that was related to the limelight. ...

5. Bible Inspired Humility

The main goal for godly leaders--and Christians in general--is to reflect the life of Christ in their own lives. And the character trait that best enables us to do that is humility. ...

6. Six Aspects of Humility

God has told us at least six things about humility. ...

7. Humility of Mary: Mother Teresa on Humility

True humility requires a careful balance. If a person is filled with pride, he has no need for God. Sometimes people believe just the opposite, though. ...

8. Malankara World Journal Specials on Humility and 8-Day Lent

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