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Theme: Waiting for The 2nd Coming of Jesus
Volume 6 No. 375 Sept 16, 2016

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1. Introduction

If you examine some of the ICONS of Orthodox Church depicting the ascension, it is not clear whether Jesus is going from the earth to heaven (ascension) or coming back from the heaven to the earth (second coming). The artists have left it intentionally vague. The Orthodox Church believes that we are under His reign while waiting for His return to establish His kingdom in its fullness. ...

I. This Sunday in Church: 1st Sunday After Sleebo Feast

2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (Sept 18)

3. Sermons for This Sunday (Sept 18)

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II. Lectionary Reflections

5. The Lord Whose Words Will Never Pass Away

What we see in these words is not a one-off claim to divinity tucked away in this single verse. Such amazing words as these are representative or typical of Jesus' entire ministry. In other words, in a multitude of ways, the Lord Jesus presented himself to people as someone who was more than a human being. He was always conscious that he was not a man only, but he was also the Son of the Father. ...

6. Watchful Waiting

There are many ways that we are "watchful and ready" for things in this life that we hope and pray will never happen. But what about our eternal life our spiritual life with Jesus that we KNOW WILL HAPPEN? ...

7. Eschatological Itching

Time moves irreparably forward, and we have an itch to see it go. We know that it takes us closer to the meaning of our lives and we long for what "eye has not seen and ear has not heard, but God has prepared for those who love him." ...

8. Watching The Warning Signs

There are two events that are equally near and real to me. Christ dying for me, near and present, and Christ coming for me, near and present. It is nothing to me that the Lamb of God died almost 2000 years ago. His blood never loses its power. What though there be long ages before Christ returns? His promise doesn't lose its truth. ...

III. General Weekly Features

9. Why Do We Love Whining So Much?

We may love whining, but I'm pretty sure God doesn't. Neither does anybody else who is subject to our droning. ...

10. Living One Day at a Time

Many people lose their joy because of worry about tomorrow, and they miss the victory God gives them today....

11. How to Thrive in Changing Times

There's no denying that change can be difficult. But change is here to stay in every aspect of our lives. I want to teach you a strategy for thriving in an environment of change. ...

12. Family Special: Fighting Over Nothing

God has done great things in our marriage. Remembering that I don't have to be in control and that I should cede that control to God, who has done great things, leads me to repent. ...

13. About Malankara World

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