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Theme: Mary's Visitation, Magnificat
Volume 6 No. 386 November 25, 2016

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The Holy Family, about 1620, Mughal India, Cleveland Museum of Art, photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, MW

The Holy Family, about 1620, India
Opaque Watercolor and gold on paper, Mughal India
The Cleveland Museum of Art
Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World

This rare painting of Joseph, the Virgin Mary, and the infant Jesus is based on European sources, but it also contains several details that are specifically Indian. For example, although Mary is dressed in classical European-style robes, she is adorned with jewelry of rubies and emeralds, the preferred gems of Mughal royalty. Her fingertips are also red with henna, and she wears a bindi on her forehead. The detailed rendering of the vase evokes the Catholic St. Francis as well as Indian worship of the sun.


The Yeldho Lent begins for Malankara on Dec 1 and for Syriacs on Dec 15.

1. Foreword

What makes this 'visitation' so special is that God is using this visit to teach different things to different people. Mary learns the importance of 'service or discipleship' - a big theme of Jesus. She receives confirmation, without any doubt through the intervention of Holy Spirit, that she is indeed carrying the Lord. Elizabeth learns that the baby she is carrying is special and has a definite mission. ...

I. This Sunday in Church

2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (November 27)

3. Sermons for This Sunday (November 27)

4. From Malankara World Journal Archives

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5. Malankara World Supplement on St. Mary

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II. Lectionary Reflections

6. Blessed are you among women!

Mary brings us to Jesus, who is the light of the world, just as Jewish mothers light the Shabbat candles. 'We see the relationship of Mary with us isn't just any relationship - it's sacred.' ...

7. From Beggar to Benefactor

Mary is always willing to help because she is so humble. However, Mary was also an instrument of the Holy Spirit as she went about her work, and, as with Elizabeth, the Holy Spirit was able to touch the hearts of others and to bring about their transformation by instilling sanctifying grace. ...

8. A Mother's Greeting

Mary marks the fulfillment not only of the angel's promise to her, but of all God's promises down through history. ...

9. Confirmation and Prophecy…Luke's Nativity

A young Galilean virgin had just been told by an Angel, that she would bear the "Seed of the woman", who would one day "Crush the serpent's head", and be the Savior of the whole world. Her virgin born son would be the Son of God, and would sit on the throne of David to rule forever. ...

III. General Weekly Features

10. Health: A Tropical Cure for Alzheimer's?

Part of the reason why the Balinese don't get AD may lie in one incredible plant that they've been using to treat a wide variety of medical conditions for generations. ...

11. Recipe: Dessert - Creamy Coconut Pie

This Creamy Coconut Pie is like the little black dress of pies. It looks simple, yet it packs a punch. ...

12. Family: Children of Married Parents Have Highest Self-esteem

Children whose parents are married have significantly higher self-esteem, according to research unveiled recently. ...

13. Family: You Are God's Son/Daughter

Not only does God accept you just as you are; not only does He love you just as you are; but He also likes the person that you are. Yes! He likes you. ...

14. Self Improvement: How Complaining Rewires Your Brain for Negativity

Complaining is tempting because it feels good, but like many other things that are enjoyable - such as smoking  - complaining isn't good for you. ...

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