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Theme: Great Lent Week 1
Volume 7 No. 399 February 24, 2017

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Wedding at Cana
Wedding at Cana

Great Lent Begins on Sunday Eve (Feb 26, 2017)
Watch out for our Issue 400 (Quad Centum Souvenir Edition). Nourishment for your Mind, Body and Soul throughout the Great Lent and the rest of the year!

I. Kothne Sunday in Church

1. Bible Readings for Kothne Sunday (February 26)

2. Sermons for Kothne Sunday (February 26)

3. From Malankara World Journal Archives

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II. Lectionary Reflections (Miracle at Cana)

4. Believing in the Glory - Water into Wine

The point of this first sign, the transformation of water into wine, is the abundance, the super-abundance, even the excess of the provision which God offers to his people. ...

5. The One Who Gives Abundantly

The point (of the miracle) is not that Jesus is encouraging excessive drinking. That is repeatedly condemned in Scripture. But the point is to show how Jesus is the giver of all good things. ...

6. On Wine and Weddings

It strikes me on this reading, though, that those servants on the edge of the celebration were the only ones to actually witness the miracle here. ...It was the servants who saw this wondrous miracle of abundance play out right before their eyes... Indeed they are those who go mostly unseen, un-noticed by the rest of us. ...

III. Featured Articles (Great Lent Week 1)

7. Malankara World Great Lent Supplement

Malankara World Great Lent Supplement

8. Meditations and Reflections For Week 1 of Great Lent

Week 1 of Great Lent

IV. General Weekly Features

9. Health: No Drugs for Back Pain, New Guidelines Say

The American College of Physicians says to use natural and alternative therapies first. ...

10. Recipe: Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Cauliflower

11. Family Special: The Secret of Modesty

Modesty is a great feminine secret, once known by most women. Now, though, many have foolishly cast it aside. ...

12. Family Special: Spending Time With Family

We do have choices in how we spend our days. When the alternative is taking time for your son or daughter, what is the better choice? ...

13. Plant The Right Seeds

I think that as part of our daily routine we should all take a few minutes in meditation every morning and review the good things that have happened in our life. ...

14. The First Ten Lessons I Learned about Prayer

When we say God hasn't answered our prayers, I wonder have we shut up long enough to hear Him if He does? Listening is a major part of prayer. ...

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