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Themes: Jesus Walks on Water, Road To Emmaus
Volume 7 No. 414 May 5, 2017

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Maia Surrounded by Blue Bonnets in Hill Country, TX.  Photo by James Boroff
Maia Surrounded by Blue Bonnets and Blue Sky

Spring has arrived in North America. Texas Hill Country is covered with Blue Bonnets.
Little Maia is enjoying the show in a Texas Roadside vista.

Photo Courtesy of James Boroff  


I. This Sunday in Church

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (May 7)

2. Sermons for This Sunday (May 7)

3. Malankara World Journals with the Theme: Road to Emmaus

II. Lectionary Reflections - Matthew 14:22-33

4. Authority in Turbulent Times!

The story tells each of us to hold tightly to the hand of God who comes to us walking on baptismal water! This is the message of Matthew written using the seafaring imagery familiar with the Greco-Roman culture to whom the early church witnessed. ...

5. Fear and Chaos on the Sea

When, surrounded by the moving waves, we falter, will we too catch our flailing limbs upon Jesus' steady hand? Or will we huddle in the safe and comfortable boxes in which we have always existed. The choice is ever before us! The great "I AM" continues to walk out in the chaotic waters of the world. How will we answer when he bids us, "Come!"? ...

6. Jesus Walks on Water

This is a great illustration of how we can walk by faith. When we have a promise from God to believe, it makes no difference what our circumstances are saying to us. God's Word is always true, and if we'll believe in spite of our circumstances, we'll experience the blessings God promises. If we doubt, however, we may well begin to go down, just like Peter. ...

7. How to Face Life's Storms

I have gone through several storms in my life. At times God allowed the storm or defeat to get my eyes back on Jesus. At times I believe God was just strengthening my character, and teaching me some important lessons. But through it all, I can say that none of those storms really hurt me, but only made me a better person...

III. Featured: Road To Emmaus

8. My Way Gets Brighter, My Load Gets Lighter - A Homily on the Easter Emmaus Gospel

In this homily I reflect on the Emmaus Gospel (Luke 24:13-35) as a resurrection account, focusing on the journey of the two disciples out of darkness and into Easter light. ...

9. God's Grand Opening

The story of the two disciples on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus on that glorious day of all days when Jesus Christ rose from the grave. These disciples had actually heard about the resurrection, but found the story so incredible that they gave it no stock whatsoever. With every reason to have joy unspeakable - they had other plans. ...

10. Complaining too often can distance us from Jesus, says Pope Francis

"When all people can think of is how wrong things are going," Pope Francis said, "the Lord is close. But we don't recognize him. He walks with us, but we don't recognize him. ...

IV. General Weekly Features

11. Health: Allium Veggies Lower Stomach Cancer Risk

A study in Gastroenterology suggests that people who regularly eat veggies from the allium family, such as onions, garlic, and leeks, may lower their risk of stomach cancer by nearly 50%. ...

12. Family Special: The #1 Factor in Building a Successful Family

It's not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can't tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it myself. ...

13. Family Special: God's Justice

There are times when parents should allow their children to experience the unpleasant consequences of sin. Our kids need to understand that those painful consequences come by God's design. ...

14. Common Denominator of Success

Why in the world, when success is available to everyone, do so few succeed? To the vast majority of managers, teachers and parents, this is one of the most perplexing questions with which they can be confronted. ...

15. Senior Special: Lunch With an 85 Old

This is my gift to you. Live well, love much, & laugh often - Be happy and enjoy doing whatever your heart desires. You only go around once on this crazy planet. ...

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