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Themes: Bread of Life, Mother's Day
Volume 7 No. 415 May 12, 2017

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Relaxing with Grandma at Sunset, Austin, Texas. Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew
Maia Relaxing With Grandma
Little Maia Takes a Break during a Sunset Stroll with her Grandma in Austin, TX.
We wish all Mothers and Grandmothers a Happy Mother's Day.

Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew for Malankara World


1. Foreword

An introduction to the "I am the Bread of God" declaration of Jesus and how to inherit eternal life. We also take a look at the Mother's day with a special look at the grandmothers of Jesus Christ. ...

I. This Sunday in Church: 3rd Sunday After The New Sunday

2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (May 14)

3. Sermons for This Sunday (May 14)

Sermons for Mother's Day

4. Malankara World Journals with the Theme: Bread of Life

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Bread of Life

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I am Statements of Jesus
I am the Bread of Life

II. Lectionary Reflections: Bread of Life

5. I am The Bread of Life

In my opinion, the visible presence of bread and wine is the invisible presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. The Orthodox Church teaches that it is a "mystery" that is beyond explanation in scientific or philosophical terms. ...

6. On Baking Bread and the Bread of Life

How does the image of Jesus as the Bread of Life speak to you? What stories of 'bread' make Jesus' words today all the more meaningful to you? ...

7. What Am I Hungry For? Meditation on John 6:30-35

The Discourse of the Bread of Life is not a text to be discussed and dissected, but rather it should be meditated and pondered. This is why, even if it is not fully understood, we should not be concerned. ...

8. Eat and Live Forever - A Reflection

I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats of this bread will live forever... Here, Jesus is speaking of himself. He's speaking of the benefits of believing and abiding in him. Of consuming him, and making him a part of us, and us a part of him. ...

III. Featured Articles: Mother's Day

9. A Mother's Ambition!

The most important ambition of every mothers should be for their children to become believers in Jesus. Then, pray that God's will dominate them all the days of their lives. ...

10. Motherhood: Still the Most Important Institution

While Jesus is the true light of the world, you mother can be the light which will lead your children to Christ. ..

11. The Christian Family

Whatever the family is, whatever our family is, it arouses great emotions within us, and sad to say, for some guilt and anger are as common within them when they think of their family as is joy and gladness. ...

12. Six Amazing Moms in the Bible

These moms in the Bible reveal to us that mother-love is fierce and stubborn to a fault - even wrong-headed sometimes.  ...

13. Being a Mother!

Somebody said it takes about six weeks to get back to normal after you've had a baby...Somebody doesn't know that once you're a mother "normal" is now history. ...

14. Moms: Let's Make This Pledge

I really want to be a great mom. I want to raise kids who love the Lord, are respectful, kind, and smart, and all the other things we want for our kids. ...

15. Malankara World Journal Issues with the Theme: Mother's Day

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IV. General Weekly Features

16. Family Special: Home

The noblest aim of a man and woman is to build a house. The desire for a home is the most deeply rooted impulse of the human heart. It is the first thought of the Prince Charming and the Maiden Fair. ...

17. Family Special: Feeding Your Family a Feast

Her prayers were like honey, sweet with remembrances of God's goodness and faithfulness to her. Those prayers were infused with gratitude for His enduring strength and perfumed with her love for Jesus. ...

18. Self Improvement: How to Deal with Failure

Seemingly definitive failures can often be debilitating. They break many, but J.K. Rowling's story provides a rich narrative for how this kind of failure can be made temporary with the right approach. ...

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