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Themes: Faith, Annunciation to St. Mary
Volume 7 No. 448 November 24, 2017

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I. This Sunday in Church - Annunciation to St. Mary

1. Bible Readings for This Saturday (November 27) Lec_annunciation_mary.htm

2. Sermons for This Saturday (November 27)

3. Malankara World Supplement on St. Mary

For more articles, hymns, prayers, and eBooks on St. Mary, please visit Malankara World Supplement on St. Mary here:

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II. Lectionary Reflections: Annunciation to St. Mary

5. Mary: Model of Faith, Hope and Charity

In striving for holiness by overcoming sin, the faithful raise their eyes to the Blessed Mother, who shines forth as the Church's model of sanctity. ...

6. The Mystery of the Annunciation is the Mystery of Grace

The mystery of the annunciation to Mary is not just a mystery of silence.  It is above and beyond all that a mystery of grace. ...

7. Annunciation Homily

For both Abraham and Mary, the divine promise comes as something completely unexpected. God disrupts the daily course of their lives, overturning its settled rhythms and conventional expectations. ...

III. Featured Articles: Faith

8. The Unsurpassed Intimacy of Tested Faith

Every time you venture out in your life of faith, you will find something in your circumstances that, from a commonsense standpoint, will flatly contradict your faith. ...

9. The Supreme Climb - Abraham's Faith

The great lesson to be learned from Abraham's faith in God is that he was prepared to do anything for God. ...

10. Jump Into Abba's Arms

All through the Bible God called men and women to take a leap of faith. Every time God promised that He would be right there with him or her. ...

11. Hope And Great Expectations

Abraham waited 20 years for the promise, and it became humanly impossible. Through tribulation, through patience, he still had hope. ...

12. Convert to Faith in Providence

Jesus calls us to convert to faith in Providence, to be able to share the little that we are and that we have, and never to close in on ourselves. ...

13. Faith In Jesus Christ - No Doubt

Many of us are faithful to our ideas about Jesus Christ, but how many of us are faithful to Jesus Himself? ...

IV. General Weekly Features

14. Family Special: 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Family Today

The best way to strengthen your family is to be an active participant in God's plan for your life. By pursuing sanctity, you'll become a source of inspiration and transformation in your own family. ...

15. Family Special: 10 Experiences That Can Make You Happy

Experiences provide more happiness than material goods. ...

16. Three Elements of Great Communication, According to Aristotle

What makes someone a good communicator? There's no mystery here, not since Aristotle identified the three critical elements ethos, pathos, and logos. thousands of years ago. ...

17. Seven Ways to Eliminate Fear and Doubt in Your Life

Recently, I took an inventory of my basic fears and found that...My biggest fear is losing touch with my kids. ...

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