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Theme: Discipleship
Volume 8 No. 456 January 12, 2018

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Museum of Contemporary Art, Austin, Texas. Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World
Museum of Contemporary Art, Austin, Texas

Relaxing under the shade is very popular from pre-biblical times. Jesus met his early disciples relaxing under the shade of trees. Majestic trees can grow into shapes that become a form of art like this tree in Austin Museum of Contemporary Art. Colorado river can be seen in the background.

Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World


1. Early Release of MWJ Issues 454-456

Because of Holiday office closures, this issue is being released early. This will complete all the early releases. The next issue (457) will be released on Jan 19 as scheduled. ...

I. This Sunday in Church: 2nd Sunday After Danaha

2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (January 14)

3. Sermons for This Sunday (January 14)

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II. Jesus Assembling His Team

6. The Call to Discipleship

The goal is to tell people about Jesus, try to lead them to the Lord, and then prayerfully take them under your wing and help them get on their feet spiritually. ...

7. The Invitation To Consider

"Come and see" Jesus is still inviting people to consider Him. We are living in a world where people are seeking answers. They are looking for direction, fulfillment and hope. If you are among that number and you are looking for more from life, you need to know that His invitation to "Come and see" still stands. ...

8. Come and See

This is classic Jesus. Always with Jesus it's, "Come and see". Always with Jesus the invitation is extended, a gracious and wide open invitation. What's more, the invitation always comes with a promise. ...

9. The First Disciples of Jesus

Following Jesus is not all health and wealth. Sometimes it is suffering. Sometimes it is poverty. So the question is, "What seek ye?" What is your motivation in seeking Jesus? ..

10. The Invitation to Serve

This is what the Gospel of Mark reveals about the twelve disciples who stood closest to Jesus. They sound like children who play "King of the Hill." They shamelessly tried to scramble to the top of the heap. We hear them beg for power, and shake our heads in disbelief. ...

III. Featured: Discipleship

11. Discipleship Takes Time

Discipleship is the word that we associate with a person learning from, following, and obeying Jesus as Lord. ...

12. Four Descriptions of Discipleship

What Jesus is looking for are disciples who, having counted the cost and realistically assessed it, are ready, nonetheless, to be his disciples. Tag-alongs, lip service Christians, fair weather folks, need not apply. ...

13. Fully Devoted Disciple - Part 1: Love God

A fully devoted follower is someone who:
1. Loves God
2. Loves others
3. Serves the world in Jesus' name...

14. Fully Devoted Disciple - Part 2: Love Others

Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy. That is not our business and, in fact, it is nobody's business. ...

IV. General Weekly Features

15. Thanksgiving Song by Dr. Mercy Abraham

When I see the marvelous things that You Lord do
my mind fills with thanksgiving and peace
like a river flows into the lake of your Love, O Lord ..

16. Poem: Who will go and work for Me today?

"Who will go and work for Me today?
Who will bring to Me the lost and dying?
Who will point them to the narrow way?"...

17. Yes, You Can-Know God

Why would such a powerful, just God care enough about you and I to take the form of a man-Jesus, called Christ-come to earth and die on a cross to pay for our sins? ...

18. Have You Encountered God Today?

Jesus is still showing up today, often in the midst of our most difficult storms. Sometimes it's even on the Moon! As we encounter Him in a personal way, Jesus is calling us to take courage, to step out of our boats of security and trust Him. ...

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