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Theme: Palm Sunday, Annunciation to St. Mary
Volume 8 No. 470 March 23, 2018

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Palm Sunday Procession, Sharjah 2015
Palm Sunday Procession, Sharjah 2015

[Editor's Note:

On March 25, 2018 we celebrate the Palm Sunday, the Triumphant Entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. This is the beginning of the Passion Week or Holy Week, during which we remember and meditate on the passion of Jesus Christ during the last days of His life on the earth. Sunday, March 25 is also the day of the Annunciation to St. Mary when Angel Gabriel informed her that she was selected to bear the son of God in human nature. As this is a very important event, the Annunciation Service will precede the celebration of the Palm Sunday in the church.]

I. Palm Sunday in Church

1. Bible Readings for Palm Sunday (March 25) Lec_passion-palm-sunday.htm

2. Sermons for Palm Sunday (March 25) Sermon-of-the-week_Palm-Sunday.htm

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Passion Week Supplement in Malankara World

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II. Also This Sunday in Church - Annunciation to St. Mary

5. Bible Readings for Annunciation (March 25) Lec_annunciation_mary.htm

6. Sermons for Annunciation (March 25)

7. Malankara World Supplement on St. Mary

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III. Lectionary Reflections: Palm Sunday

9.Palm Sunday: The Victory of Humility

His earthly beginning was frightfully humble. And his earthly end would be no different. The wood of the manger prefigured the wood of the cross. ...

10. Palm Sunday

Let us go together to meet Christ on the Mount of Olives. Today he returns from Bethany and proceeds of his own free will toward his holy and blessed passion, to consummate the mystery of our salvation. ...

11. Let's Go to the Temple with Jesus

There are at least 3 groups of people appear in this narrative...Which group do you think you belong to?

12. The Triumphal Entry of the Messiah King

Just as shocking today is that would-be disciples still cry out, "Salvation Now." When Jesus hears that cry and takes them down a road that resembled His triumphal entry, they rear back when they see their own cross just over the incline. ...

IV. Meditations for Holy Week

13. Holy Week: The Stage is Set

The stage is being set for Our Lordís culminating act on this earth. His physical body is being anointed in preparation for this finale. ...

14. The Road to Jerusalem

The way Jesus marched to his death leaves no doubt: he had come to earth for this moment. The journey to the cross had begun long before leaving Jericho. As the echo of the crunching of the fruit was still sounding in the Garden of Eden, Jesus was leaving for Calvary. ...

15. Mary's Extravagant Gift

She was the only one who believed him. Whenever he spoke of his death, the others shrugged or doubted, but Mary believed. Mary believed because he spoke with a firmness she'd heard before. ...

16. Jesus Purges the Temple

It was Passover week. The Passover was the highlight of the Jewish calendar. People came from all regions and many countries to be present for the celebration. ...

17. Meditation: John 12:1-11

As we begin Holy Week, in a special way, we "have" Jesus all week long with us. He knows that we will face lots of competing needs, distractions, and tasks.

V. General Weekly Features

18. Pesaha Appam Recipes

Pesaha appam is a traditional favorite especially in the Northern Part of Kerala. If you haven't made them before make some this year from the easy to make recipes listed here.

19. Recipe for Chorukka - Bitter Drink for Good Friday

20. About Malankara World

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