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Theme: Good Friday, Gospel Saturday Special
Volume 8 No. 472 March 28, 2018

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His Eminence Yeldo Mor Titus examining an ivory sculpture of Jesus' body being lowered from cross in Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio
His Eminence Yeldo Mor Titus, Archbishop and Patriarchal Vicar of Malankara Archdiocese of Syriac Orthodox Church, North America, examining an ivory sculpture of Jesus' body being lowered from cross in Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio.

Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World


1. Foreword

Prayer is the Master Key!!

I. Good Friday in Church

2. Bible Readings for Good Friday (March 30)

3. Sermons for Good Friday (March 30)

II. Gospel Saturday in Church

4. Bible Readings for Gospel Saturday (March 31)

5. Sermons for Gospel Saturday (March 31)

6. Malankara World Journal Specials on Good Friday and Gospel Saturday

7. Malankara World Passion Week Supplement

Malankara World has a supplement that provides detailed information about Passion Week including articles, prayers, sermons, etc. You will find it here:

Passion Week Supplement in Malankara World

Malankara World has developed a daily plan of bible readings, meditations, reflections, and prayers for Passion Week. You will find it here:

Today in Passion Week Passion_Today_archives.htm

III. Good Friday Meditations

8. The Conquering Christ

It is Friday in Jerusalem. The smell of death is in the air. Outside the city wall, just north of the Damascus Gate, in a place long reserved for public executions, three crosses stand beside the road. ...

9. The Death of Jesus

He is dead. O God, who is dead? The author of life, the only-begotten of God, the Lord of the world. O death which was the astonishment of heaven and of nature! A God to die for his creatures! ...

10. Good Friday of the Lord's Passion

Lord Jesus, Good Friday is the day when you conquered sin by your death on the cross. You showed your mercy to be indestructible. The more the offenses thrown against you, the greater the forgiveness that came from your Sacred Heart. ...

11. Finding The Good in Good Friday

The crucifix reminded me that I must carry my cross and go through the Fridays of my life. I needed to learn the meaning of sacrifice. ...

IV. Gospel Saturday Meditations

12. Ancient Homily for Holy Saturday

A great homily that tells of Christ's triumphal entry into the limbo of the patriarchs, and his announcing to Adam and all the others the good news of redemption. ...

13. The Synaxarion for Great and Holy Saturday

From Eastern Orthodox Liturgy

14. Behind Closed Doors: Waiting

The message of Holy Saturday is, "Get ready. Something is about to happen. But it hasn't happened yet." ...

V. Reflections For Passion Week

15. Are You Bearing Your Cross?

So never forget the instruction of our Savior: Willingly share in His suffering, and He will willingly share His glory with us. Willingly conform to His death, and He will grant us eternal life. ...

16. To Live, We Must Die

In our daily prayer and self-evaluation, we should ask ourselves, "Is today the day? Have I surrendered everything to God and am I ready? Am I doing all I need to do? Am I being the person that God wants me to be?" ...

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