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Volume 5 No. 311 October 30, 2015

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Sunrise at Australia, Hawaii and America's Northcoast
Universal Sunrise

From Top left: Rainbow at Dawn. Taken at Maui, Hawaii
Top Right: Sunrise in Australia. Taken at Perth by SS
Bottom: Sunrise in America's Northcoast. Taken at Hudson, OH

Photo Credits: Top Right: SS, Australia;
Others: Dr. Jacob Mathew, MalankaraWorld


1. Foreword

This Sunday is called Koodosh E'tho Sunday or Sanctification of the Church. We have completed a liturgical year for the church and are starting a new liturgical year. It is like our New Year's Day. ...

I. This Sunday in Church

2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (November 1)

3. Sermons for This Sunday (November 1)

4. From Malankara World Journal Archives

Malankara World Journal with the Theme: Keys to The Kingdom

Volume 4 No 244: October 31, 2014
Theme: Keys to The Kingdom - Forgiveness

5. Featured: Cleaning Our Own Temples

Lent is a great time for cleaning out the Temple of our own hearts. One of the best ways to do that is to go back to the basics of the Ten Commandments. ...

II. This Week's Featured Articles

6. Christian Life: What God Wants to Accomplish in You

God has some specific desires for your life. Paul's prayer gives a special definition of some crucial elements in that process called sanctification through which God is leading you. ...

7. 'Abide In Me'

To abide in Christ is to adhere to the Redeemer - to His Person (that is to Himself, the living Saviour) and therefore to His word, His cause, His people - under all temptations to depart from Him. No sooner does one set his face Christward, than he meets with trials of a new and peculiar nature. And no sooner has he come to Christ than he may encounter temptations to go away from Him. ...

8. How to Stop Creating God in Your Own Image

You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do. ...

9. Faith and Works - Elder Brother of Prodigal Son

The older brother is the legalist in the story. He's the one who's worked hard for God and thinks he deserves things as a result. Since I had been "working hard" for God for a long time, I began to feel I deserved some entitlements. ...

10. The Power to Change

The God of the universe wants you to know Him. Won't you join us in the pursuit of Him through prayer and His Word? You - and our world - will never be the same. ...

11. One Body, Many Parts

Paul is urging you and me to see our diversity (in the body of the church) blended together into unity. He is warning us against a competitive comparison that breeds trouble. He yearns for us to experience an interdependence that is the model for ultimate health. He wants us to discover the uniqueness of gifts that are ours, yearning for those that minister best to the health of the body, not those that simply show off how important we are. ...

III. General Weekly Features

12. Health: From Diagnosis To Recovery: A Breast Cancer Survivor's Search For The Right Treatment

A newly released study provided good news for at least some breast cancer patients who dread the effects of chemotherapy treatment. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, concluded that a genetic test may be able to determine whether women with early stage breast cancer can skip chemotherapy and instead rely on hormone therapy. ...

13. Recipe: Apple Crisp Muffins

Love apple crisp dessert? Now you can enjoy it for breakfast.

14. Family Special: Mutual Accountability in a Good Marriage

The best way of keeping a marriage healthy is to maintain a system of mutual accountability, with the context of love. Speaking personally, the secret of my beautiful relationship with Shirley for the past twenty-three years has involved a careful protection of the "line of respect" between us. ...

15. Self Improvement: How to Control Your Day

Whatever it is you seek, remember the advice of the ancient Stoic. Be clear about your goals, know what you can control, and then do what you have to do...

16. Senior Special: Retirement....Interesting Reading

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