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Martyrdom of Infants/ Christmas
Volume 5 No. 321 December 26, 2015

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Happy New Year. Lighting from Crownpoint Ave., Strongsville, Ohio, (c) Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Malankara World
"I am the Light of the World." - John 8:12

The earth gets ready to receive the savior with extravagant lighting. This is
one of the decorated home from a block in Crownpoint Ave., Strongsville,
Ohio. Look at the intricate designs including nativity scenes, a Santa Rail
Road, Polar Express, Santa and Reindeer, nutcrackers, and more..

Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World


1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Malankara World

Christmas is a time when we pray and wish for a better future for mankind and the victory of good over evil. To some, the road ahead will be difficult. But Christmas reminds us all that we are not in charge of the outcome. God is! ...

2. Foreword

The story (of the slaughter of innocents) tells us that the Christ child was born into bedlam, mayhem, the madness which is our world. The Child was born because, pervasive as this reality about us is, it is not all we are. The story was written to give us hope.

The story tells us that our salvation is born in the midst of such times, into the heart of our darkness, in a moment when time is shattered and new time begins. ...

I. Martyrdom/Massacre of Infants Day

3. Bible Readings for Martyrdom of Infants (December 27) Lec_martyrdom_of_Infants.htm

4. Sermons for Martyrdom of Infants (December 27)

II. This Sunday in Church - 1st Sunday After Christmas

5. Bible Readings for This Sunday (December 27) Lec_1st_sunday_after-christmas.htm

6. Sermons for This Sunday (December 27) Sermon-of-the-week_1st-sunday-after-christmas.htm

7. Malankara World Advent and Christmas Supplements

To learn more about the spiritual significance of Christmas and Advent Season Malankara World has created special supplements so you can read all about them in depth. Click below to visit:

Malankara World Christmas Supplement Christmas/Default.htm

Malankara World Advent Supplement advent/Default.htm

III. Featured Articles - Martyrdom of Infants

8. Celebrate the Christ-Child and Remember the Children

In today's gospel, we learn that the celebration of Christmas is not so pretty, romantic or idealistic. Rather, we learn through this divine drama in three acts that life in this world can be very dangerous. Life in this world can be cruel. Life in this world can be subject to evil plots, schemes and acts orchestrated by power hungry people who themselves are possessed by evil and rely on evil to protect their power and status. ...

9. Rachel Weeping

In the midst of our celebrations we also listen to Rachel's lament because today her children and her neighbors' children are still dying with their hands on each other's throats in blind rage over disagreements old as her own jealousy of Leah. ...

10. The Fear of Competition

This passage from Matthew's infancy narrative is a proleptic passion and resurrection narrative. In it we see that God's Power Prevails. It prevails here as it did in the Exile from Egypt and as it will in the crucifixion and resurrection of this newly born savior. This Son is not destroyed as an infant, just as he is, ultimately, not destroyed as an adult....

11. Poem: My Son - A Memoire

A grieving mother reflects.

IV. Featured Articles - Christmas

12. Prayer: The Kontakion of the Nativity

The Kontakion of the Nativity by Romanos the Melodist, Chanted in Tone 3 - Eastern Orthodox Church.

13. The Birth of Jesus through Joseph's Eyes

When we celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmastime, our attention is most often given to Luke's account, because it gives us so much information. It tells us of the annunciation of the angel Gabriel to the peasant girl Mary. It includes the story of the shepherds as well as the infancy hymns that are sung by Zacharias and by others during that time. Matthew's version is much briefer. ...

14. What Christmas Is All About: God Saving Us, in a Humble Way, to Be His People

What Christmas is all about is so much greater. And it is this: God saving us, in a humble way, to be his people. And it all happens through Jesus, the baby born in Bethlehem, lying in a manger: "a Savior, who is Christ the Lord." ...

15. 'Peace, Peace' When There Is No Peace

Christmas is not the time, as many suppose, for suppressing religious differences and pursuing peace at all costs. It is actually a time that is particularly suited to gently but steadfastly affirming the superiority of the Christian worldview with fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, siblings, and all others who oppose it. It is a time for earnestly reminding unbelievers, even as we share gifts, that they are enjoying God's gifts all the while ignoring the Giver. ...

16. Mighty God

The same El who created the stars and who leads them out by name would take on human form and walk beneath them. The same El who knit together each person in his mother's womb would allow Himself to be knit together and walk among the very people He created. ...

V. General Weekly Features

17. Recipe: English Toffee Bars

To satisfy your occasional sweet tooth. Serve the whole holiday season and beyond.

18. Eleven Rules for Successful Families

What defines family success? Successful families share similar traits. A successful family is one that has love and acceptance and laughter. Any family that is thriving is successful. But how do you achieve success as a family? By following these 11 rules - and ways to implement them - that are the hallmarks of successful families. ...

19. Family Special: The Holy Family and Our Family

The role of Joseph as protector of the Holy Family is highlighted in the Matthew passage. Joseph is the one who receives guidance from the Lord and uses this guidance to protect and lead his family. The essential ingredient for Joseph is the fact that he is obedient to the guidance God gives. All of the messages in the world from angels of the Lord are pointless unless we actualize them with the energy of obedience. ...

20. Statement by the US President Obama on Persecuted Christians at Christmas

In some areas of the Middle East where church bells have rung for centuries on Christmas Day, this year they will be silent; this silence bears tragic witness to the brutal atrocities committed against these communities by ISIL.  ...

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