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Volume 6 No. 329 February 1, 2016

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Spectacular Sunrise

1. Foreword

First, tradition required that Parents offer a sacrifice. The sacrifice can be either "a pair of turtledoves, or two young pigeons." Joseph and Mary offered a pair of turtledoves as sacrifice as they could not afford two young pigeons. Joseph was a carpenter and Mary was a farm girl. They were very poor. The King of Israel was born into a family that was one of the poorest in Israel. He was born in a manger. ...

I. Mayaltho in Church

2. Bible Readings for Mayaltho (February 2)

3. Sermons for Mayaltho (February 2)

4. From Malankara World Journal Archives

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II. Featured Articles

5. The Cradle And The Cross: Simeon's Song

Suddenly Simeon's heart leaps within him. The long days of waiting are finally over. The Lord's Christ is before him. Here is the One for whom the nation has been waiting. He walks over, introduces himself, and says, "Do you mind if I hold your child?" As Mary gives the infant Jesus to Simeon, the thought hits him, "I am holding the salvation of the world in my arms." ...

6. Celebrating The Gift of Salvation

Anna cannot restrain her joy at seeing our Saviour. Bubbling over with joy and gratitude, she shares with everyone she meets the arrival of salvation from fear and guilt, from sin and death, in the Son of Mary. Years later, many people remembered what Anna, with a youthful exuberance, had told them about the greatest day of her life. ...

7. Biblical Reflections on Mayaltho

The service observed for Jesus was especially important for Christians because God himself became a redeemer for our salvation. He brought us back from the mighty hands of Heavenly Father by dedicating himself as a true sacrifice. Jesus became a true sacrifice like a lamb before the Holy Altar of God. ...

8. Christmas: Old Simeon and Anna

Old Simeon and Anna have lived all their lives waiting on the promise of God to bring about the redemption of His people. That one hope, that one vision, that one dream, has been the center of their entire lives. They have refused to settle for anything less. No matter how close it might have been, no matter how helpful it was, no matter how powerful it is, no matter who told them something, they have focused their lives on the coming of the consolation of Israel. ...

9. Hymn: Lord, Let Your Servant Go in Peace

"Lord, let your servant go in peace;
Your Word has been fulfilled."
Because we've seen your saving grace
We know that all is well. ...

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