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Theme: Christian Life
Volume 6 No. 352 June 3, 2016

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Shine the Gift of God in You in your life

I. This Sunday in Church

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (June 5) Lec_3rd_sunday-after-pentecost.htm

2. Sermons for This Sunday (June 5) Sermon-of-the-week_3rd-sunday-after-Pentecost.htm

II. Lectionary Reflections

3. Familiarity Breeds Content

There he was, the local boy come home with wisdom beyond his years and the temerity to teach new insights and understandings. He should have realized that the people who had stayed in backwater Nazareth were there because they didn't like new, nor different, nor anything but the same as last week. ...

4. Following a Hometown Boy: Reflections on Mark 6:1-6

When we are focused on ourselves, on maintaining our superiority and control over our surroundings and others, we are not open to the truth God seeks to speak to us, sometimes through people we know and in places we thought we knew like the back of our hand. ...

III. Featured Articles on Christian Life

5. Your Light Must Shine

What is the meaning of life? This question is one that is frequently asked but is, most unfortunately, given far too little serious consideration. It is often asked rhetorically, neither expecting nor requiring an answer. And yet, the Lord Jesus Christ gives us the answer to this question: "Your light must shine before others," he says, "that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father" (Matthew 5:16).

6. Lord, Let Your Face Shine on Us

The disciples first followed Jesus when he said to them, "Follow me," because they were seeking the face of God (Matthew 4:19). Little did they know that when they looked upon Jesus they looked upon the face of God. If we have not come here today seeking the face of God, I do not know why we have come. ...

7. Good Christian Life

The apostle Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus, reminding them that they were to live in a way that was worthy of their new life in Christ. Three characteristics of that life were humility, gentleness and patience. ...

8. What Really Is "The Good Life?"

It's nice to have a nice house and a comfortable life, but it's even better to have come to the place where you no longer need those things to feel good about your life. Sure God will bless me with physical things, but every good physical thing that he gives me is meant to be a sign that points me to the good that can only be found in him. ...

9. The Comparing Game

Comparing your life, your family, your stuff, your failures, and your accomplishments to that of someone else is dangerous. Very dangerous. It draws the focus of your heart to you instead of to God...

IV. General Weekly Features

10. Family Special: Relationship Help: Why Do I Get So Upset with My Partner?

While I love my husband with all my heart, sometimes it's just so frustrating being married to him. When I feel that he's ignoring me, I get so upset, and he's usually surprised by the intensity of my reaction. Why do I get so upset with him? ...

11. Inspirational: Good Decisions Start With a Stop

More often than we like, most of us face choices that can have serious and lasting impact on our lives. Do we go along with the crowd? Do we tell someone off, quit a job, or end a relationship? ...

12. Take a Break from Busy Life

In the midst of a busy life, with people and problems wanting our attention, it's very difficult to get meaningful work done, especially meaningful work on our selves. ...

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