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Theme: Parable of The Sower
Volume 6 No. 357 July 8, 2016

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Independence Day in Hudson OH - 2016 Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World
US Independence Day Celebrations in Hudson, Ohio, USA.
240 US Flags displayed to celebrate 240 years of Freedom (1776-2019).
(Top) - Sky lit by fireworks.

Photo for Malankara World by Dr. Jacob Mathew


I. This Sunday in Church: 8th Sunday After Pentecost

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (July 10)

2. Sermons for This Sunday (July 10)

3. From Malankara World Journal Archives

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II. Lectionary Reflections: Parable of The Sower

4. Bible Study: The Parable of the Sower

The Parable of the Sower is about two things: the kingdom of God (ie salvation) and the human heart. Jesus taught that, in respect to the kingdom of God (salvation), mankind can be divided into four categories according to the kind of heart they have; their hearts being illustrated by the type of soil the seed fell on. ...

5. What is the meaning of the Parable of the Sower?

Jesus' explanation of the Parable of the Sower highlights four different responses to the gospel. The seed is "the word of the kingdom." ....

6. The Parable of the Sower

The first parable that we find in Mark 4 is the parable of the sower, which is perhaps more accurately titled the parable of the soils, since the emphasis of the teaching is on the different soils in which the sower's seed falls. ...

7. The Sower and the Seeds

Jesus said, "Why is it, that so much goodness is produced in some people's lives? Why is it that some Christian's lives are so productive? Why is it that some Christians produce a life of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control? Why is it that some Christians produce a hundred tomatoes of love? ....

III. General Weekly Features

8. Family Special: Seven Lies the Enemy Wants Us to Believe about Suicide

Often, we find ourselves talking most about suicide after it happens. And for some, it's a conversation much too late. Maybe it's time that we as believers, who know Truth and the power of Christ that sets us free, started more discussions. That we begin to open doors, setting aside our own fears and judgments, to help peel back layers, get conversations going, and take the shame out of mental illness, depression, addiction, and suicidal thoughts....

9. Man's Greatest Treasure

MY CHILD, only in Me will you find what is best and most precious for you. God is far greater and better than all things created. I am the Most High. No one else is all-powerful. God alone is perfectly charming and full of consolation. In Me you will find perfect beauty and all-satisfying love. Most noble and most glorious above all things is the Maker of all. ....

10. Debt and Gratitude

"Pay every debt as if God wrote the bill." So goes the counsel of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Do you feel pressure to reciprocate when someone treats you to lunch? Do you find yourself repaying kindness for kindness, compliment for compliment, present for present and so on?  ...

11. Thorn in the Flesh

Sometimes when we have physical afflictions, the healing will come. By all means pray for it, and pray more than once. Ask the Lord to touch you, heal you, restore you. But there are times in our lives too when He will say, "My grace is sufficient." And instead of a healing, He personally will be there for you in a unique and sufficient way. ...

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