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Theme: Humility, Christian Life
Volume 6 No. 358 July 15, 2016

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Mount St. Mary University, Emmittsburgh, MD
Mount St. Mary University, Emmittsburg, Maryland, USA
Site of the MASOC Family and Youth Conference, July 20-23, 2016

I. This Sunday in Church: 9th Sunday After Pentecost

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (July 17)

2. Sermons for This Sunday (July 17)

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II. Lectionary Reflections: Humility

4. He Who Humbles Himself Will Be Exalted

If there us one attitude consistently scorned by the world, it must be humility, and that is mostly because the world does not understand what humility is really about. Before anything else, humility involves a trusting reliance of God, just as its opposite, pride, is essentially a withdrawal from God (Sirach 10:12). ...

5. Jesus Teaches About Humility and Servanthood

When we exalt ourselves, we run the risk of being humbled, just like the man who takes a seat of honor at a wedding feast. It's much better and more pleasing to God if we will humble ourselves. If we will, we're more likely to be exalted....

6. When My Pride Is Humbled

The real question, though, is what does impress God? The answer is humility: acting like Christ did. If there was one person in that biblical dinner party who deserved to be at the head table, it was Jesus, but he did not seek that. ...

7. Humility and Exaltation

As Christians we're called to a high purpose in life: to glorify God and enjoy his presence and serve him. And when God's glory is our central concern, the little slights that come our way don't have the same power to humiliate. Our high purpose doesn't make us any higher than anyone else, for it's only Jesus that we are to lift up, that others might be drawn to him. ...

8. Honor for the Humble

Whenever you see who God really is—infinitely holy, sovereign, mighty, majestic, and glorious—all you can see about yourself is your own sin. ...

III. Featured Articles on 'Christian Life'

9. Five Verses to Help You Relax This Summer

It is to our detriment that our world looks at rest and relaxation as laziness so often. God's Word is full of admonition to slow down, rest, be still and get away by ourselves. We see God, Himself, resting on the seventh day. We see Jesus getting away on a mountainside by Himself. ...

10. Love Your Neighbors... Even When They're 'Better' Than You

Christians may be tempted to see themselves on a moral high ground with their secular friends in the valley below … but the truth is we're all in the valley. The thing that separates Christians from non-Christians is not behavior or morals it's grace. ...

11. Want to Change the World? Get to Know Your Neighbors

while many Christians are excited about others changing the world and give generously to church programs or events, they often settle into daily life without much thought about what the great commission means for them personally. ...

12. Come and Rest in Him

From the moment of birth, we are taught that successful people never give up. Yet, I have discovered the paradoxical secret that true success can only be found in complete surrender. ...

13. Embrace Your Weakness

If we wait until we are perfect, until we fix all our cracks, to offer ourselves to God, then we will never do so. But if we offer ourselves to God with all of our frailties and flaws, our damage and darkness, his light will permeate our cracks and then shine through them. ...

IV. General Weekly Features

14. Family Special: What We Often Get Wrong about Submission

Unity is to be the hallmark of a Christian relationship, so God clearly wants us to pray, wrestle through, and seek His will together. By assuming that a wife will always defer to her husband, though, we're not necessarily even seeking God's will. ...

15. Raising Children: Confident Parents

Raising healthy, educated, self-disciplined children who love God and their fellow human beings may very well be the most challenging responsibility in living. ...

16. Self Improvement: How to Beat Procrastination

According to an article from Scientific American, almost 20% of the population chronically procrastinates, routinely putting off tasks to tomorrow that could be done today. ...

17. Special: How God is Working in Your Life Even When You Least Expect it

At age fourteen, I found myself - seemingly by chance - in the home of an 89-year-old woman I didn't know, and didn't particularly care to know. I didn't want to be there. I lied to her. And yet, God used her to alter the trajectory of my life. ...

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