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St. Mary
His mercy extends to those who fear him,
from generation to generation.
(Luke 1:50)

Ettu Nombu Special
Day 3, Theme: Faith
Volume 6 No. 367 September 3, 2016

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1. Introduction - Mary's Faith

Mary's "yes" at the annunciation was the greatest ever faith statement in the entire world and entire history. ...

2. The Faith of Mary

Mary always brings us to Jesus. She is a woman of faith, a true believer. .. Mary first conceived Jesus in faith and then in the flesh, when she said "yes" to the message God gave her through the angel. ...

3. Mary: Believing the Impossible

"I am the Lord's servant," Mary answered. "May it be to me as you have said." ... Without exaggeration, we may call this one of the greatest statements of faith in all the Bible. We read it so often that we forget how great it really is. ...Mary said Yes. Yes to God, Yes to the impossible, Yes to the plan of God...

4. Things We Do by Faith

To do anything by faith means we have an invisible authority for this thing we do. An outsider, not understanding or valuing the invisible, would consider us presumptuous or foolish or deluded, but as followers of Jesus Christ and believers in His Word, we calmly do these things and consider doing them completely reasonable. ...

5. Shield of Faith

When you come under enemy fire, take shelter behind your faith in God. Do not be deceived by circumstances and events. Walk by faith, not by sight. Be confident that God has secured victory. Stake your life on His faithfulness. Trust Him to deliver you as you wear the shield of faith. ...

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