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Theme: Marriage and Divorce
Volume 6 No. 368 September 3, 2016

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St. Mary at the Cross
St. Mary at the Cross

I. This Sunday in Church: 3rd Sunday After Shunoyo

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (September 4) Lec_3rd_sunday-after-shunoyo.htm

2. Sermons for This Sunday (September 4) Sermon-of-the-week_3rd-sunday-after-Shunoyo.htm

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II. Lectionary Reflections: Marriage and Divorce

4. Introduction

In Syrian Orthodox Church, marriage is a sacrament. There are three persons involved in a marriage. The bridegroom (husband), bride (wife) and God. It is important that we include God in our family. That is the secret of success. When you get into difficulties, share your problems with God in your prayers, singly and then together. ...

5. Gospel Reading - Matthew 19:1-12

6. "Is It Lawful?"

When it comes to the question of divorce and remarriage there is no need to speculate. This precise question came up and Jesus addressed it quite clearly. ...

7. What Does the Bible Say About Divorce and Remarriage?

When the Pharisees asked Jesus, "What do you think about divorce?" he responded to them by saying, "What do you think about marriage?" Divorce isn't the issue, marriage is. God sees marriage as two people becoming one, committed to one another, in a covenant relationship that lasts a lifetime. Until you understand that, you aren't ready to talk about divorce at all. ...

8. Marriage - What's Nailed to Your Cross?

Because the best marriages are two people walking in the Spirit, loving one another; and the flesh tries to get in the way of that. How do we overcome the flesh? ...

9. Genesis 2:18-25 - Foundational Principles of Marriage

I believe the starting point for a good family, and a good marriage, is to look at God's original design for marriage found in Genesis 2. In fact, when they asked Jesus about the issue of divorce, He also took them back to the account in Genesis 2 (Matt. 19:3-9; Mark 10:2-12). ...

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III. General Weekly Features

11. Mother Teresa To Be Canonized on September 4, 2016

Mother Teresa, or Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, will be declared a saint in the Roman Catholic Church on September 4, Pope Francis announced. ...

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