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St. Mary
His mercy extends to those who fear him,
from generation to generation.
(Luke 1:50)

Ettu Nombu Special
Day 7, Theme: Discipleship
Volume 6 No. 371 September 7, 2016

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Our Lady of the Rockies, Montana, USA
Our Mother of the Rockies, Montana, USA

This 90 foot Statue (located at elevation over 8000 feet), hovering on top of the Continental Divide, overlooks a series of mountain ranges and valleys travelled by early day Indians and Explorers Lewis and Clark followed by other pioneers, homesteaders, cattle ranchers and miners into the West.

Our Lady of the Rockies is a tribute and honor to all women of every creed and nationality and is a symbol that expresses thanksgiving for the loving memories and actions of women.


Featured Articles

1. Introduction to Discipleship (Ettu Nomb Day 7 Theme)

In the Kingdom of God, the roles of the lord and that of the servant are reversed. Jesus came to serve, not to be served. So, it is only appropriate that Mary go to Elizabeth's home to visit her than the other way around. ...

2. Mary Offers Sublime Model of Service

The words: "Let it be to me according to your word" (Lk 1:38), show in her who declared herself handmaid of the Lord, a total obedience to God's will. ...

3. Mary as Disciple

The "Fiat" is more than a prayer and the "Magnificat" more than a hymn of praise. Together they reveal the Way of the first disciple, Mary, and together they constitute a lesson book, a guide, for this journey called life that we all walk. ...

4. The Best Thing the Bible Has to Say on Servanthood

There is nothing else quite like this in the Bible. This passage--this parable--is not found anywhere else in Scripture. Why would I flat out claim that it's the best statement on our role as servants to be found anywhere in Scripture? ...

5. The Cost of Discipleship

Jesus makes it clear that following him is going to be a sacrifice and things are going to have to change. That's part of the thrill of following Jesus - that it really is challenging. ...

6. Servant Leadership

Jesus overturned worldly notions of power and replaced them with the paradox of servant leadership. In essence he is saying, "It doesn't matter who has the title. Look for the one with the servant's heart and there you've found your leader." ...

7. The Paradox of the Cross - What Does It Mean to Bear the Cross

Jesus said that if we are to truly be His disciple, we are to "take up our cross daily and follow Him" (Luke 9:23). But what does that mean? ...

8. Discipleship: Martyrdom of Early Christians

Jesus, having called his disciples, sets forth the seriousness and costs of discipleship. All other relations, even relationships as deeply profound as those with one's parents or spouse or children, must remain subordinate to this more fundamental relationship. Jesus, therefore, brings a sword to cut the ties of loyalty that might supersede discipleship. ...

9. Malankara World Journal Specials on Discipleship and 8-Day Lent

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