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Theme: Koodosh E'tho - Sanctification of the Church
Featuring The Kingdom of God, The Holy Church
Volume 6 No. 381 October 28, 2016

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SCOOCH - concelebrated mass-NY-2016

Con-celebrated Liturgy by the hierarchs of the Oriental Orthodox Churches held on Oct 22, 2016 at the Coptic Orthodox church, Staten Island, New York. The liturgy was organized by the Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches (SCOOCH). This year's standing conference hierarchs include H.E. Archbishop Khajag Barsamian (Armenian, SCOOCH Chairman), H.G. Bishop David (Coptic), H.E. Archbishop Mor Titus Yeldho (Malankara-Syriac), H.G. Bishop Karas (Coptic), H.E. Mor Dionysios Jean Kawak (Syriac) and the representatives of H.G. Bishop Makarios (Eritrean) and H.E. Archbishop Zekarias (Ethiopian).

(Photo courtesy of Theethose Thirumeni and Rev Fr. Bijo Mathew)


I. This Sunday in Church

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (October 30)

2. Sermons for This Sunday (October 30)

3. From Malankara World Journal Archives

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II. Featured: The Kingdom of God

4. Introduction To This Week's Theme - The Kingdom of God and the Holy Church

To make the best use of your life, you must never forget two truths: First, compared with eternity, life is extremely brief. Second, the earth is only a temporary residence. ...

5. Jesus... God Reveals Himself in Every Book of the Bible

Here is a quick tour of how God reveals Himself in every book of the Bible. ...

6. A Kingdom for Faint Hearts

Jesus pointed crowds to a God who opens the eyes of the blind and raises the dead, who claims the last will be the first and the servant is the greatest. But lest we are tempted to leave his statements as hopeful moralisms, his proclamations did not cease with mere words. ...

7. Would You 'Give Up Everything' for the Kingdom?

There is an implicit formula here that invites us into a new way of living. In contrast to the world’s way of thinking and living, Jesus tells us that his way is rooted in the pursuit of life under the rule and reign of God; if we follow his way - the way of the cross - God will provide all that we need. ...

8. Understanding Grace

Throughout every trial and tribulation, throughout every victory and valley, Jesus was in perfect communion with God. He listened for the voice of His Father and responded appropriately - even if the answer meant He must wait. In the moments we must wait, God's grace sustains us. Waiting on God can be difficult. In our anxiousness to see Him move, we have a tendency to try and prod God along. ...

9. When Grace Goes Deep

The prodigal son trudges up the path. His pig stink makes passersby walk wide circles around him, but he doesn't notice. With eyes on the ground, he rehearses his speech. ...

III. Featured: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church

10. Four Marks of The True Church Founded by Jesus Christ

The Church founded by Jesus, has four chief marks or qualities. It must be one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church. (Nicene Creed) ...

11. The Two-Faced Church: Both Are Accurate

The human and frail side of the church's makeup should keep us on our knees and in the Word seeking the Lord's protection and guidance.
The glorious, heavenly nature of the church should keep us looking up, giving our all, and preaching the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We must teach both natures of the church. ...

12. The Church is a Bride, not a Widow

The Church is a Bride, and the joyful mother of us all. Have confidence, and be of good cheer. The world as we know it may be passing away, but the Lord has conquered, and the Church, by his grace and promise, will remain always. ...

IV. General Weekly Features

13. Health: The Missing Link to Good Health

14. Family: 4 Myths Your Husband Believes about Marriage

Not only in the marriage bed, but in all aspects of your marriage, kindly helping your husband dispel the myths he believes about marriage may be the key to a more enjoyable marriage with no regrets. ...

15. Family: 13 Things I Want My Son to Know as He Turns 13

I wanted you to have something special and different for this birthday - a resource to look back on through the years. Nobody ever made a list like this for me, but if they had, I would have kept it forever. ...

16. What Generation Gap?

America's workforce is currently made up of three groups - The Baby Boomer, Generation X and Generation Y. Each generation has its own culture, values and beliefs, which can cause problems in the workplace if the situation isn't identified and addressed for what it is. ...

17. Inspiration: Celebrate Life Like the Gift It Is

You never know what tomorrow holds. So choose to treat every experience, every relationship, ever challenge and every day as the absolute gift that it is. ...

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