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Theme: Advent, Genealogy of Christ
Volume 6 No. 389 December 16, 2016

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Korean Nativity Scene
Korean Nativity Scene

I. This Sunday in Church

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (December 18)

2. Sermons for This Sunday (December 18)

3. Malankara World Journal Special on Genealogy of Jesus

For more in-depth look at the genealogy of Jesus Christ read the Malankara World Journal Issue 114 - a special on the Genealogy of Jesus Christ.

More articles can be found in Malankara World Journal Issue 183 and 319

Malankara World Journal Issue 319

The Genealogy Of Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:1-17)

1. All this and much more, Jesus did by becoming what the first seventeen verses of Matthew's gospel proclaims: "...the Son of David, the Son of Abraham"
2. This genealogy of Jesus Christ...
a. Establishes the right of Jesus to be the Messiah
b. Reminds us of God's mercy ...

4. Malankara World Advent and Christmas Supplements
To learn more about the spiritual significance of Christmas and Advent Season Malankara World has created special supplements so you can read all about them in depth. Click below to visit:

Malankara World Christmas Supplement

Malankara World Advent Supplement

II. Advent Reflections

5. Advent: The Real Meaning of Christmas Lights

Advent is a season where we stop and remember that the light of this world is waning in more ways than one. That the world as we know it is passing away. ...

6. Sentimentalizing, Sanitizing, and Spiritualizing Christmas

It's difficult, if not impossible, to overstate the significance of the Incarnation. ...

7. Why Did He Come?

Why did Jesus come? Why is His coming important to folks like you, living two thousand years after He came into the world? I'd answer that question with one word - "life." ...

8. Why did Jesus Christ come? - Resurrection of the Body

Why did Jesus come? Jesus came to give you salvation. He came to rescue you. ...

9. Why We Need a Little Advent

The observance of Advent reminds us that regardless of what happens next, the King is coming. ...

III. General Weekly Features

10. 20 Ways To Chill Out This Christmas

The holiday season is supposed to be a time for relaxing and celebrating with friends and family. However, that's not always the case… rates of depression, drinking and drugging episodes, family and relational conflicts, disappointment, loneliness, and isolation, all increase during the last few months of the year. ...

11. Holiday Blues

For some people, the holiday season feels anything but merry and it's hard to pretend. If that's you, or even someone you know, let me share a few things that might help you get through these next few weeks. ...

12. Family Special: Conquering Fears in Marriage

It's scary to tell someone, "I love you." It's even more frightening to ask, "Will you marry me?" ...

13. Family Special: Beauty in Submission

The goal is not a dominating husband, but a godly husband. God-shaped submission makes the people around us better, not worse. ...

14. Don't Miss Christmas

This Christmas, don't miss the point of celebrating Christmas. Don't be like the innkeeper who missed Jesus because he was too busy. ...

15. Joy to the World!

Wherever Jesus Christ is honored, joy is the dominant element in the atmosphere. ...

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