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Theme: Nineveh Lent
Volume 7 No. 396 February 3, 2017

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Ice Sculpture in Medina Ohio, part of Ice Fest Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World
Winter Wonderland
Ice Fest - Giant Ice Sculptures in Medina, Ohio.

This time last year, it was extremely cold. I could barely press the shutter of the camera to
take photos. But this year, it looks like temperatures may be above freezing. Not sure if the
artists can make the sculptures and preserve them without melting when displayed outside.

Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World


1. Foreword

Church Calendar - Nineveh Lent Begins on Monday, February 6
MWJ Issue 400 (Souvenir Edition) is expected to be released on March 1.

I. This Sunday in Church: 5th Sunday After Denaha (February 5)

2. Bible Readings for This Sunday (February 5)

3. Sermons for This Sunday (February 5)

II. Nineveh Lent in Church (February 6-9)

4. Bible Readings for Nineveh Lent (Feb 6-9)

5. Sermons for Nineveh Lent (Feb 6-9)

Our special supplement on Nineveh Lent has plenty articles, sermons, prayers and meditations for all days of the Three Day Lent.

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III. Lectionary Reflections on Mark 1:12-20

7. No Looking Back!

Jesus really messes around with your life! We frequently speak as though he gives it sense and meaning and, of course, he does that, too! ...

8. Casting and Mending - A Sermon on Mark 1:14-20

Casting and mending are realities of life. They are also the circumstances in which Jesus comes to us, the context in which we hear the call to new life, and the place where we are changed and the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. ...

IV. Featured Articles: Nineveh Lent

9. Are You in the Belly of a Big Fish?

I've sometimes felt like I was in the belly of a big fish. I had decided to do something my way instead of first seeking the Lord's guidance and leading. ...

10. Will We Enjoy Heaven?

Most of us associate Jonah with being swallowed by a legendary whale or giant fish. The book of Jonah, however, is actually a poignant parable about the relation of Israel to other nations. The book skillfully and forcefully calls Israel back to her universal mission of preaching the wideness and totality of God's mercy and forgiveness to all nations. ...

11. Wordplay in Jonah

The story of Jonah is a very simple one. The plot is not difficult to follow, the characters are engaging, and the issues are clear. The author did not indulge himself by using complex grammar or showy turns of phrase. But, a close look at the text reveals the hand of a subtle artist who knew how to use words for maximum effect. ...

12. Jonah or Habakkuk?

I find that I fall into Jonah's camp of desiring God to completely destroy civilizations much more often than Habakkuk's view that God should exercise mercy when He's angry. ...

V. General Weekly Features

13. Health: Nature's Cure for Indigestion

Probiotics are live "good bacteria" cultures that help the body regulate digestion and fend off all types of chronic diseases. ...

14. Recipe: Fish Tacos

This is a recipe which we fell in love with while vacationing in Mexico. It is fast, easy and delicious. ...

15. Family Special: What Did You Say?

Careful listening feels so much like love that most of us can hardly tell the difference. ...

16. Family Special: How to Reset Your Wife When She's Falling Apart

The Apostle Peter wrote, husbands must give honor to their wives. They should treat them with understanding. Understanding that realizes that women are weaker in physical strength and sometimes need extra care (1 Peter 3:7). ...

17. Inspirational: Heroes Aren't Made in A Mirror

Heroes aren't made in a mirror, they're made instead by allowing the inner beauty of their heart reflect and radiate light to a world absolutely starved for it. ...

18. A Lack of Compassion in India: 'World's Largest Democracy' Clamps Down on Christians

On January 13th, Compassion International told the sponsors of 130,000 Indian children that, barring an unlikely turn of events, it would cease operations in India in mid-March. ...

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