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Theme: The Ascension of Our Lord
Volume 7 No. 417 May 23, 2017

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The ascension of Jesus in the guise of a priest-Mughal India
The Ascension of Jesus - Mughal India Art

The ascension of Jesus in the guise of a priest, 1602-1605.
Opaque watercolor on paper, 16.5 x 8 cm. Mughal period, India.
Edwin Binney III Collection, San Diego Museum of Art.


I. Ascension Day in Church

1. Bible Readings for Ascension Day (May 25)

2. Sermons for Ascension Day (May 25)

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II. Featured: The Ascension of Our Lord

4. Ascension of Christ-Quotes

Christ's Ascension is therefore also our own, upon the glory of the Head rests the hope of the body. On this holy day, we have received not only the assurance of entering into possession of eternal glory, but we have already entered into the heights of heaven with Christ Jesus. ...

5. Prayer For Ascension Day

6. See The Conqueror Mounts In Triumph - Hymn

7. More Than an Afterthought: Six Reasons Jesus' Ascension Matters

Though often overlooked, the ascension completes Jesus' earthly mission and signifies his enthronement as heavenly king. Jesus has completed his Father's mission and he now rules with all authority and intercedes with all sympathy as our mediator and high priest. ...

8. The Archbishop of Canterbury's Sermon on the Ascension Day

The Ascension is a celebration of the glory of humanity, the unlikely possibilities of people like you and me, the eternal potential locked up in our muddled struggling lives. And a celebration too of God's capacity, through his Holy Spirit, to reach into those parts of humanity that are so far from glorious, ...

9. The Ascension of Our Lord

Today, as we celebrate this glorious feast of the Ascension of Our Blessed Lord into Heaven, one of the problems that we face is proof. People like to have proof of everything. ...

10. Why Do You Stand Looking Into Heaven?

We are not called to look for the Kingdom, to search the heavens for signs of its arrival, but to step into it here and now with all that we are, all that we have, all that we say and all that we do. ...

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