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Themes: High Priestly Prayer of Jesus, Unity in Church, Bread of Life
Volume 7 No. 418 May 26, 2017

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1. Introduction: The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus

It is crucial for us today to return to Jesus' prayer, for it describes his hope, his vision, and his picture of what we, his followers, are to look like and how we are to live our lives together. His words are meant for everyone...

I. Sunday Before Pentecost in Church

2. Bible Readings for Sunday Before Pentecost (May 28)

3. Sermons for Sunday Before Pentecost (May 28)

4. Malankara World Journals with the Theme: Bread of Life

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I am Statements of Jesus
I am the Bread of Life

II. Featured Articles

5. John 17 - The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus

6. Somebody Prayed for Me

John shares with us Jesus' walk. Jesus' journey includes the upper room meal with his disciples when he washes the feet of his disciples. ..Jesus takes a moment to be in conversation with the Father. ... John invites us to hear Jesus' words offered to God in prayer to come to an understanding that "we are persons who are part of a larger community for whom Jesus prays." ...

7. A Shared Sense - Prayer of Jesus

Jesus' final prayer is for Oneness. Our unity, for which he beseeches God that everyone, all who have ever known of him or ever will, will be embraced in a deep accord, a mystical union in which Jesus and God will also dwell. They will be in us and we in them. ...

8. A Unity Not of Our Making

It is in our differences and in our struggles that the glory of which Jesus speaks in John 17:22 most shines. For this glory is best known in true forgiveness. ...

9. One Holy, Catholic, and [Divided] Church

The Church is divided. Still. John probably included Jesus' prayer in his Gospel because of doctrinal strife in his own community. Discord then and now. Yet while the scandal of disunity persists, Jesus prays for us still. ...

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III. General Weekly Features

12. Recipe: Chicken Masala Curry (In Malayalam)

13. Family Special: Three Things to Remember about Your (Imperfect) Marriage

What are the essential wisdom perspectives that Scripture gives us that enable us to have realistic expectations for our marriage? ...

14. Family Special: Overcoming a Parent's Worst Nightmare

Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to a parent is experiencing the loss of a child. However, it's possible to turn one's devastation into spiritual enlightenment and to weave the tragedy into the fabric of your life and your family. ...

15. Inspiration: Wishing Is Not Enough

It's one thing to desire something, it's another to be able to see it as real and complete. ...

16. Choices - Choosing Not to Complain

Imagine the incredibly powerful, productive moments, minutes and hours of the days and weeks of our lives that we could complain or not - simply by our own choices. ...

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