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Theme: Saint Thomas, Freedom, Independence Day, 4th Sunday After Pentecost
Volume 7 No. 423 June 30, 2017

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Indian Postage Stamp on St. Thomas
St. Thomas Stamp Issued by Indian Postal Service in 1964.

I. This Sunday in Church (4th Sunday After Pentecost)

1. Bible Readings for This Sunday (July 2)

2. Sermons for This Sunday (July 2)

II. Featured: St. Thomas

3. Biography of St. Thomas, The Apostle

Little is recorded of St. Thomas the Apostle. Thomas was probably born in Galilee to a humble family. He was a Jew, but there is no account of how he became an apostle to Christ...

4. Saint Thomas, Not 'Doubting Thomas', Preaches the Gospel in India

The Thomas tradition reminds us that although the apostle Thomas may have come to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ a week after the other apostles, he went on to become one of the greatest cross-cultural missionaries of the first century. ...

5. Thomas: The Doubter

The rebound of Thomas' faith was both dramatic and magnificent; Thomas makes probably the grandest statement concerning Jesus to come from the lips of an apostle. Thomas said, "My Lord and my God!" He is the only person in the New Testament to address our Lord as God! ...

6. 'Seen or Unseen'

We have not seen with our eyes, but we have seen with our hearts. We have seen the risen Christ in the changes in our lives and the lives of others. We have seen the Lord! We are blessed! ...

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III. Supplement: Independence Day (Freedom)

8. What is Freedom?

The Bible has a lot to say about freedom and slavery. Judaism in the Old Testament is based on the freeing of slaves. The most formative act in Jewish history was the exodus from slavery to the Promised Land. ...

9. Freedom is not Free

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free, stand firm then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by the yolk of slavery. ...

10. What Do We Do With Our Freedom?

We aren't free. We are slaves to our prosperity. We are slaves to our desires. We are slaves to our fears. As a people we are slaves to sin! ...

11. Daniel's Courage: Civil Disobedience

Gandhi used Daniel's faithful disobedience of the king as a model for his own program of civil disobedience. Just as Daniel openly, and peacefully, defied the unjust edict of King Darius, Gandhi led a movement to openly and peacefully defy the rule of Britain. ...

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IV. General Weekly Features

13. Family Special: How to Be a Refuge for Your Children

Fear God. Fear God. Fear dishonoring him. Fear distrusting him. Fear putting your assessment of the problem above his. He can help. He is smarter. He is stronger. He is more generous. Trust him. Fear not to trust him. ...

14. Family Special: A Touch Means So Much

One of the biggest needs of your children - no matter what their age - is for physical touch. Regular hugs, kisses and hand holding all say to them, "You are loved." ...

15. Release the Negative to Accentuate the Positive

Andrew Carnegie said that one man with a negative mental attitude turned loose in a factory of a thousand people could discolor the minds of the rest of them without saying a word. ...

16. Sixteen Things to do When You are Offended

Be sure you are not going to the offender in anger or with an attitude of setting them straight. The goal must be to bring reconciliation. ...

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