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Theme: Ettu Nomb (8 Day Lent) Special, Featured: Humility
Volume 7 No. 433 August 30, 2017

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St. mary
His mercy extends to those who fear him,
from generation to generation.
(Luke 1:50)

I. Ettu Nomb (Eight Day Lent) Special - Featured: Humility

1. Introduction

2. What Is Humility?

If humility is not compliance with the relativism of sophomoric skepticism, what is it? ...

3. Pope Francis: Humility Necessary for Fruitfulness

Pope Francis said that the intervention of God overcomes the sterility of our life and makes it fruitful. Then he put us on guard against the attitude of pride that makes us sterile. ...

4. Fame and Humility

When Jesus was here on earth, He never sought fame (Matt. 9:30; John 6:15) - although fame found Him all the same as news about Him quickly traveled throughout the region of Galilee....

5. Relying on God's Grace

Like the humble tax collector, recognize your weaknesses and rely totally on God's resources. Then He will hear your prayers and minister to your needs. That's where happiness begins! ...

6. Three Things Christians Get Wrong about Humility

Seeking humility is a funny endeavor. The minute we think we're gaining humility, we need to start the process again. ...

7. Tough Prayer for Humility

8. A Meek Moses

The blessedness of meekness is a special grace which is given from the Lord. We find that it ebbs and flows. ...

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