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Theme: Sleebo Feast
Volume 7 No. 436 September 12, 2017

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I. Sleebo Feast in Church

1. Bible Readings for Sleebo Feast (Sept 14)

2. Sermons for Sleebo Feast (Sept 14)

3. Malankara World Sleebo Feast Supplement

4. From Malankara World Journal Archives

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II. Featured Articles

5. Boasting in the Cross

To us, the cross is beautiful. In fact, it is the singular sign of the Christian faith, which is why the Muslim terrorists in the Middle East make sure they destroy the cross wherever they see it. But we have beautified an object of terror...

6. Boasting of the Cross

Neither Jew nor Roman Gentile could boast of being superior. Neither religious rule-keeper nor pagan expert is better than the other. All those categories of 'success' and 'failure' don't matter before the cross...

7. Christ's Cross Eases Suffering, Teaches Love - Pope Francis

With his cross and resurrection, Christ promises to walk with and ease the burden of every suffering person, whether that suffering comes from violence, addiction, a broken family, hunger, persecution or the death of a loved one, Pope Francis said. ...

8. The Cross Has Always Caused Problems

The cross has always caused problems to people. Brutal and barbaric - the
cross was a tool of political power for the Romans. They maintained their
power because of the fear of death on the cross. ...

9. The Cross of Christ

The resurrection of Christ was the event that accomplished salvation and verified Christ's victory over death, but it was the cross of Jesus Christ that showed us the grace of God. ...

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