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Themes: New Year, Circumcision of Jesus, Theethose Thirumeni
Volume 8 No. 454 January 1, 2018

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Happy New Year from Malankara World
Happy New Year from Malankara World
1. Theethose Thirumeni - 14th Anniversary of Consecration as Bishop (Jan 4, 2018)

The bishop is the sign of Christ's presence in the world, going out to meet men and women where they are: calling them by name, helping them to rise, consoling them with the Good News and gathering them into one around the Lord's Table. ...

I. New Years Day in Church

2. Bible Readings for New Years Day Circumcision of our Lord (January 1)

3. Sermons for New Years Day Circumcision of our Lord (January 1)

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II. Circumcision of Jesus

5. Circumcision & Name Of Jesus

Circumcision was an external mark by which God's people were known in distinction from other nations; just as a prince gives his people and army his standard and watchword by which they are known among themselves and by which foreigners can tell to what lord they belong. ...

6. Circumcision of Jesus

When Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple on the eighth day, God was closing the book on the old. He was paying the last respects to something that was done for about 1500 years. ...

7. Our Savior Had to be Circumcised

Circumcision served several purposes for Old Testament Israel. This sign of circumcision set the Jewish nation apart from every other nation on earth. ...

8. What's In a Name?

"Jesus" is in fact a form of the name "Joshua." In the language of Jesus' time and place, the name probably would have been pronounced "Yeshua." The name means "Yahweh saves" or "Yahweh is Salvation."...

III. Featured: The New Year

9. Theology at Midnight

What do you do when you have been arrested, beaten, imprisoned, placed under guard, with your feet bound in stocks, for nothing more than preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ? ...

10. Resolved to be healthier & wealthier? 4 habits you need to succeed

Among the threats to your success are rationalizing and we all do it sometimes. Try hard to recognize it and get back on track. Also be careful about judging yourself too harshly. ...

11. The New Year: The Mystery Of Time

On New Year's Eve we feel the mystery of time more powerfully than at any other time. We feel, in other words, that its flow - in which we live and in which everything constantly vanishes as the "past" and constantly places us face to face with the unknown future...

12. New Year Homily

Sorrows are that very threat of fire, or trial, but we must not fear them; rather we must be like the godly children and sing unto God in our sorrows, believing that they are sent to us by God for our salvation. ...

13. Three Things Not To Worry About In The New Year

What we really need to know can be summed up in one sentence - Will God take care of us in the new year? Will he or won't he? If he will, then we don't have much to worry about. If he won't, then we're in a heap of trouble. ...

14. Homily for The New Year

In this New Year, let us always remember that God's grace accompanies us in every moment of our life. And every moment of our life should be a loving answer to the grace of God. ...

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